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Crysis 2 PS3 demo inferior to other versions

Gamersmint writes: Gamers who have downloaded the recently released PS3 demo of Crysis 2 aren’t pleased. There have been reports from various sources that the PS3 demo is a pain to play through and suffers from a bevy of game-breaking issues. (Crysis 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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LORD-PHOENIX  +   1673d ago
paint me unsurprised
PC developers,used to pc architecture 360 included

5 years in and some developers still trying to program the ps3 like a pc...the mind boggles

when you see games like gow3 and kz3 there is no excuse for this 5 years in
Sven Benoit  +   1673d ago
Yeah I see what you are saying but umm gow3 and kz3 are linear. Especially gow3
thereapersson  +   1673d ago | Well said
What does linearity have to do with anything? Crysis 2 is a linear game with open-world backgrounds. Any one of those games - especially God of War III - are still competent enough, despite their linear nature. The set-pieces in GoW III completely belie its linear nature anyway, so it's not really a good example of the failure of linear games.

Keep in mind this is Crytek's first venture out onto something other than the PC. The easiest thing to utilize - and John Carmack will agree - is a console that mirrors the PC (the 360).
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1673d ago | Well said
You guys don't get 'choreographed linearity' do you. The game is sort of like MGS4. The dev gives you 2-3paths to choose from to get to the main goal. Each path will most likely offer a different way to play. One will allow you to be stealthy the other will put you up against multiple enemies etc..

You guys act like you can friggin leave the area you are in and grab a coffee on the other side of town. Jeez....
thereapersson  +   1673d ago
Heavenly Snipes
Please don't use common sense in this article, lest you have the fury of a thousand suns descend upon your post in the form of a disagree blitzkrieg.
LORD-PHOENIX  +   1673d ago
@sven..to kill your argument dead....
Pixelated_Army  +   1673d ago
fucking hilarious thread over at neo about the demo. lol!

BattleAxe  +   1673d ago
I'll have to read the article, but just from the title, I can say that the game plays excellent, but getting into a Team Deathmatch game was a pain probably because everyone is trying to play that mode, but its no problem to join into a Crashsite game.

Ok, here is what they say:

- Framerates drops lower than 30 on many occassions. (This happened 3 times within a 4 hour period for me)

- The server’s are unstable and laggy (Totally untrue)

- HUD bobbles a lot. (??WTF?? I think its your head that's bobbing....but on what I don't know)

- The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor. (720p is HD LOL How can you be writing for a game site and not know what HD is? Heres a quick lesson for you.. 720p=HD 1080p=Full HD)

- Some sequences causes temporary freezing issues. (This never happened to me or my friends today)

- Hit detection has issues and do not register sometimes (hit detection is fine, you just suck)

- Broken Melee system (melee system works as it should, you just suck even more now)

- Matchmaking issues, troublesome to find games. (This is the truest thing that this guy says in his article. Its a server issue, and it only seemed to affect the Team Deathmatch mode, and not Crashsite Mode)

Overall the PS3 version looks good and plays good and is most certainly one of the best looking multiplatform games on the PS3. Crytek was all hype though when they said that they had maxed out the PS3. Killzone3 still blows it out of the water.
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KUV1977  +   1672d ago
I haven't played the demo but i think it is funny how people think that everything with 720p in it is HD. So 2 pixels width times 720p height is also HD? 2x720 = HD? The real HD-resolution is 1280x720. If a game is 1024x720 it IS sub-HD. There are 184.320 pixels missing. Not that i think it really matters, because there are plenty of games that do that and a fair amount of them for the better (higher framerate - more effects) but please don't call other people fools when you are the one who has no idea what you are talking about.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1672d ago
"Yeah I see what you are saying but umm gow3 and kz3 are linear"

You say that like Killzone 3 and GOD OF WAR FREAKING THREE didn't have massive sense of scale at points in the game.

And for that, I offer this hardy LOL:

GoW 3 and Kz3 both had huge sense of scale at points, and never stuttered a bit. Oh, and unlike any console version of Crysis 2, they did it with anti-aliasing.

If Kratos can climb around Kronos like a flea, and I can blast a massive robot (can't remember name) like the one towards the end of Kz3, I should be able to play those tiny Crysis 2 MP maps with a few rendered background objects with at least an HD resolution (Again, something both console versions lack).
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frostypants  +   1672d ago
"You guys act like you can friggin leave the area you are in and grab a coffee on the other side of town. Jeez...."


Crysis 3: The Search for an Orange Mocha Frappuccino
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Focker420  +   1672d ago

*Looks at InFamous 2*

You were saying??
-Alpha  +   1672d ago
I don't think it's that games like GoW3 are linear, but those games are being built exclusively on the PS3 so there is a lot of time to develop solely on that one platform.

Multiplat devs have to work with building it the usual way on 360/PC, and then have to struggle on the PS3, so they either don't bother, or do a bad job and realize the sales are never as good on the PS3 so they don't care to work it out
BubbleSniper  +   1672d ago
what about Alan Wake?
Vherostar  +   1672d ago
I think this is the best reason of all!
The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor.

I find that hilarious as near every exclusive 360 game is sub HD including the big hitters like Halo and Gears. Madness that because its sub HD its poor but when it comes to 360 games they look amazing. Which is it?? This kinda crap annoys me in the end as one minute people say one thing then the opposite just to try and win a non existent arguement..

Sub HD is fine for most games especially shooter I mean COD is sub HD and that gets a high graphics score all the time.. Stupid, Stupid reason.
hakis86  +   1672d ago
I'm really disappointed in Crytek - and a bit surprised actually! I thought they were geeks enough to do this right.

My respect for 1st party studios just increased now, it's awesome what they can do with the PS3.

My respect for some other studios increased as well - some can make great looking games across all platforms, for example Criterion Games, DICE..
vulcanproject  +   1672d ago
Crytek have a lot of explaining to do but have been keeping very quiet since we have seen the Pc and PS3 versions....

Explain why you hyped this so much for PS3 when it is clearly an inferior version? It would not have nearly been as bad if you had just kept your mouths shut.

Explain why the PC version has just a handful of settings, barely looks better than the console versions and supposedly has only DX9 render path on launch? Why does the original title on PC look far better than this sequel years later??

They won't. They'll sit there quietly and launch the game, make sure it sells and then try to ignore these awkward questions.

As a Pc gamer its fair to say i have become increasingly annoyed with Crytek's decisions and silence regards this game, PC has been treated like crap. There is no way i will buy this game next week.
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sourav93  +   1672d ago
@BattleAxe According to you, 1024 x 720 resolution is hd, right? I'm sorry to say but you are greatly mistaken. Just because it has the numbers 720 doesn't make it 720p.

HD is to do with the number of pixels on screen. 720p is 1280 x 720(=921600 pixels/frame) where as crysis 2 has a resolution of 1024 x 720(=737280 pixels/frame). For a resolution to be labelled hd, the MINIMUM required resolution is 1280 x 720(921600 pixels). 1080p is 1920 x 1080(2073600 pixels).

Plus, there is a hit detection problem (go play the demo again). There is a constant framerate issue (go play the demo again). And the melee system is broken but I think its more in the same lines of bullet hit detection.

The head bobbing problem can be solved by going into options and controlling the amount of head bobbing wanted.

Matchmaking is only a slight problem but once you get into a lobby, all games run fine, as long as you stay in that lobby.

Overall I'm really disappointed with Crytek and turns out that their promise of "Best looking game on any platform" was just plain BS. Guess I'll cancel my ps3 preorder and get it on pc instead. Sigh.
Biggest  +   1672d ago
I personally thought the Killzone 3 demo was terrible on the 360.

For those that don't understand what I'm saying:

Yes, the PS3 demo is inferior to the other versions. There is at least the choice for those that care. People with a PS3 will get to try the demo just like everyone else... And Crytek sucks at console developing.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1672d ago
Why does 360 make every game darker??? Darker ≠ better graphics
While PC and PS3 are very similar in brightness and contrast levels.

Exhibit A: http://www.videogameszone.d...
Exhibit B: http://www.videogameszone.d...

And I'm not just talking about Crysis 2.
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Pixel_Pusher  +   1672d ago
Checkout the lack of textures on the wall to the right and the bricks on the floor have no shadows in the Xbox version.

Dude the PS3 version IS the better looking game out of the two. lol

malamdra  +   1672d ago
I played on the 360 and the PS3 and can't hardly tell any differeces, on the PS3 it seems to take longer to find a match but the game looks pretty much the same on both consoles

but actually either version is very far in visual quality from Killzone 3, this looks just a little better than COD and not as good as Bad Company 2

EDIT: hit detection is a big problem but that happens on both versions
zag  +   1672d ago

You'll find the PS3 version is proper 720p as the PS3 can't display a 1024x720 resolution.

The only res a PS3 can display that isn't proper HD is 572i and p
distorted_reality  +   1673d ago
There is an excuse because they're first time PS3 devs and PC is still their major platform, and it's not like rival devs will be helping them out that much.

Like you though, i'm not exactly surprised.
frostypants  +   1672d ago
Except that they were bragging about how awesome they were going to make the PS3 version. They talked the talk, but...you know the rest.
-Alpha  +   1672d ago
That's a sensible excuse. Still, it sucks that the PS3 version continuously gets screwed like this.

Of course, the best way to play this is on your PC, but they better fix some of the issues come launch
Vherostar  +   1672d ago
Is this there first game or have they got the old Free Radicals team working on it?? Who have already made Haze on PS3.. I get where your coming from but they are capable devs and if its poor at release then it's down to lazy developing.

Also the demo is a multiplayer demo. I dunno about you but most games dumb down multiplayer gameplay so they can fit more into it. You got a lot mroe going on in multiplayer so they cut out things like HD resolutions to fit 16 players or whatever on the screen at once shooting.
Jazz4108  +   1672d ago
Since ps3 fans don't care about mp games. Why not let sony make the games for the ps3 and all the mp games can go to 360 exclusively. Sony devs seem to be able to make the ps3 look good but the games have not been my cup of tea. And with kz3 they have taken a huge step back as that game is not very good even in the graphic dept mp games are looking as good on the 360 as the ps3. Since sony fans don't care about mp games and only exclusives that is my proposal.
Kleptic  +   1672d ago
wait a minute, slow down...is this happening?

Since when can a fps be judged on its multiplayer now?...if the PS3 multiplayer has problems...so what...we aren't supposed to care about that...

The way I understand it is that a first person shooter is now judged only by its single player prowess (this changed some time between when black ops released last year, and Feb 22nd of this year)...

in this case crysis 2 may be in trouble on all versions...as the AI is about as good as a chick on her cell phone...

but don't fret about these multiplayer problems...the reviewer will simply have the review up for the entire game before these servers are even online yet...they'll look at the on paper specs of its features, ignore them, and right up a 3 page review accordingly...chances are Crysis 2 will be heralded as the best fps of this generation, if the only problem is the AI...
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warrior9988  +   1673d ago
anyway they should have left it on PC we already have enough FPS on consoles
frostypants  +   1672d ago

No one I know is buying it for either console.

Why argue over which console got the less sub-par game? Both versions are a let down. Let's be honest here.
negative  +   1672d ago
^ PC Gaming... LOL
Agent VX  +   1673d ago
Having a kick ass PC along with the PS3 and 360, I can never see myself getting crysis 2 for either of the consoles, PC gaming FTW...
Kurt Russell  +   1672d ago
I've just recently got myself a little beast of a PC, I just can't bring myself to play games on it... It just feels too nerdy hunched over with mouse in hand. I will one day break those shackles and give it a go though :D
stevenhiggster  +   1672d ago
You can use a gamepad on the PC. It's not that much of a disadvantage, I played the Crysis 2 demo on PC with a 360 pad, and I was still near the top in every match, I played it with M&K and was still the same. Obviously I had aim assist on with the pad but my point remains.
slugboss  +   1672d ago
Crysis 2 actually compensates for gamepads with some autoaim and it has a variety of other mechanics setting it apart from games that are as simple as point and click. I placed #1 pretty consistently with a wireless 360 pad, with my pc hooked to a TV.

I hope more pc games add compensation, because stuff like unreal 3 is just ridiculous to try and Team Fortress 2 could be made alot more playable with a gamepad... Still, I'm sure hunched over a good monitor with a razer mouse is the most deadly. But it's nice to have options.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1673d ago
This goes to show you how talented Sony 1st party devs are. Cytek are only good on an overpowered PC. Let the same Sony Devs work on the same type hardware Cytek does for PC it would be no competition. They did run their mouth saying going for best looking FPS on consoles.
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distorted_reality  +   1673d ago
No, it goes to show that practice makes perfect. If all you're devving for is one platform, you're either going to get good or not get anywhere.

All this shows is that the PS3 is still hard to develop for if you haven't done it before, and I don't know why anybody would be happy about that.

Fyi - Crysis 2 on the PC is running way smoother on older PC's than the original. As I said, practice makes perfect.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1673d ago
Well true this is their 1st game on consoles but they should have never made a claim that bold.
distorted_reality  +   1673d ago
What's wrong with having ambition and trying to be the best at something? It looks like they've probably fallen short - but to roast them for trying is ridiculous.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1672d ago
Naw its not ambition its arrogance.
shoddy  +   1673d ago
doesn't matter, Crysis 2 on console is still inferior to MGS4.
man I heard so much about this graphic king.
now we wait for rage, then battlefield 3.

now they say cause it's open world.
ff13 is open world at that play where you fight the adaman turtles.

open world or not graphic is not the strong point of console Crysis.
TBM  +   1673d ago
meh i'm sooo backlogged with a bunch of games that this can be placed on backburner for quite a while. if a PC developer tries to develop a on ps3 like its a PC game then they are going to fail.
FailOverHero  +   1673d ago
I'm almost certain I've read this exact comment word for word here before. Either I've been to the future or you guys creativity is starting to fade
Kurt Russell  +   1672d ago
The Playstations programming difficulties are a detriment to the playstation either way you look at it. If it wasn't so hard then you would have even more great games to play at the quality they should.
TBM  +   1672d ago
Well kurt I have more then enough quality games to play on my PS3 whether they are exclusives, or there multiplatform. Besides I don't freak out about missing pixels, or a flat texture(s) like everyone else does.

I jumped into the demo for a few to see what it looks like and doubt it was ok.

Oh and fail please don't assume im trying to bash crysis because im not. I was talking to my friend yesterday about how many games I still have to play or continue from LBP2, NFSHP, DS1&2, GT5, ME2, Sly Cooper, ACB, Homefront, and KZ3. Plus with the amount of OT im pulling at our job there's not enough time in the world to play these games.

So yes I will play crysis 2 when I can but it will be sometime later this year. I freaking wish people would stop assume on this GD site without knowing what someones situation is.
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egidem  +   1672d ago
Sadly, I canceled my preorder about 3 weeks ago. Can't take a risk on this. Thanks Crytek.
PS3pwnz  +   1672d ago
Sensible. As the hype war continues, it reeks more and more of bird c**p.
egidem  +   1672d ago
Agreed. With less than 7 days to go and you decide to release a demo that is half baked (but still good), you are really doing something wrong.
sethbalmore  +   1672d ago
"5 years in and some developers still trying to program the ps3 like a pc...the mind boggles"

im sure if they had 4years of development, unlimited budget with no set release date like the games you listed it might look a bit better
IcarusOne  +   1672d ago
Well said, Seth.

I'm not unimpressed by this demo. There's a crowd on here that only wants to play ps3 exclusives, and I pity them because they're not allowing themselves to see the big picture. I don't want to live in a world where Crysis is an ugly game. Because it's just not - that's the simple truth. There's a lot that this engine does well, regardless of how many pixels it uses. It's a very admirable first attempt at coding for the ps3, and one of the best looking multiplats of this generation.

True gamers - you know, the ones who play games for fun - would be offering congrats and encouraging Crytech to do better next time instead of shitting on them. And let's not forget, as others have said, we're judging a MP beta. Not even the finished game. And that line right there was sacred to most of you when the KZ3 demo hit - "B-b-but it's teh beta! You can't judge it yet!"
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MysticStrummer  +   1672d ago
@IcarusOne - No gamer would offer congrats to a dev that delivered a subpar version of a game to a platform that has been shown to be capable of better visuals, particularly when the dev goes out of their way to claim they maxed that platform out, and even goes so far as to challenge people to tell the difference.
Jaces  +   1672d ago
I'm having a hard time just trying to find a match, keep getting disconnected. :(

Reserving my judgment for later but it's not looking good.
BrunoM  +   1672d ago
i normaly dont even get in to these topic ( as any one can see in my history )

but here http://n4g.com/news/722844/...

just dont think any one can say anything about ps3 looking worst after that but what ever
RatherHavaBigGirl  +   1672d ago
still want it and to me mp demos dont ever play as well as the retail release. i know the diff between a beta and a demo but kz3 beta played horrible but the actual game played better. crysis2 demo is fun for me and i like it so whatever
Death  +   1672d ago
If PS3 gamers don't play the sales game, they absolutely excel at the pixel counting game. Instead of comparing multi-platform games to their PC and Xbox 360 counterparts, maybe each game should be judged on it's own merits independantly. I don't know anyone that plays the same game on multiple platforms on multiple screens at the same time and stops to count pixels. If the game looks good while you play it and its fun, does anything else really matter?

It really is beyond ridiculous how people make spec comparisons to make their purchase decisions. Play the damn demo and if you enjoy it, buy, rent or borrow the game and have fun.

MysticStrummer  +   1672d ago
It seems to me that it's the 360 folk that obsess over an extra pixel or three in a multiplat. No one on my friend list thought anything less of Red Dead Redemption because it was "inferior". PS3's GTA4 supposedly looks worse than 360's, but you wouldn't know that from the reaction a (at the time) 360 owning friend of mine had when he saw it on my PS3. He was actually angry that he didn't wait to get a PS3, and he traded in his 360 soon after. Your point about playing the games instead of peering at screenshots is absolutely true. The vast majority of multiplats look virtually identical on both platforms, though both consoles have a few that look noticeably better than the other version. According to people on this site, the 360's multiplats are head and shoulders above the PS3's broken ones, and that's just plain fanboy BS.
orakga  +   1672d ago

Crytek had all three version of Crysis 2 on display at GDC, side-by-side. It was painfully obviously how much the 360 struggled to run this game. And the number of people watching each version told a clear story:

PC > PS3 > 360

They're just trolling with this article.
lee_ten  +   1672d ago
i'll take killzone 3, thanks.
Inside_out  +   1672d ago
PS3 gamers LYING...
There is no or very, VERY little difference between the console versions of the game...here's the proof...


I don't know what the PS3 guys are crying about. This game clearly is better than anything on PS3...case closed.
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psb  +   1673d ago
Really sad
Crytek's have gone from the best looking PC game devs to utter trash in no time. Atleast, they shouldn't have claimed, they aim to make the best looking console shooter. This looks just about ok and suffers from so many issues.

Bargain bin title for me, at most. Also, will delete the demo soon, it's a pain to play.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1673d ago
The game went from a maybe 1-2 day to a '9 months later when it costs $25-30 at best buy'
Megaton  +   1673d ago
More like $5 during a Steam sale.
FailOverHero  +   1673d ago
Lol this is ridiculous. You people said that Crysis 2 would be nothing special but would be the best thing on 360 and now that it has happened exactly like you predicted you're all sour about it. You should be happy, you called it
Silly gameAr  +   1672d ago
Who's sour about it? I'm severely disappointed in Crytek. Call it what you want I guess. Oh yeah, it ain't all that on the 360 either I'm afraid.
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enkeixpress  +   1673d ago
Yep, It's true..

From what I've played of the newly released PS3 demo, Crytek have managed to get all the effects & graphics looking the same as the 360 version of the demo.. but in doing so, performance is not so good.

One thing I've noticed is the god ray effect you see when in the ship is much more.. what's the word.. ummm, Vibrant on X360.. It looks really awesome on the 360 version whereas on the PS3 one, it's sort of lowered, less vibrant.. it's still there.. just not as impressive looking.

S'alright though.. I was planning on getting the Xbox 360 version for this game anyway so..

Let's just hope that this isn't Crytek's best.. and the final retail build of the PS3 version is much more stable.. or they release a new patch/update for the demo soon..
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DelbertGrady  +   1673d ago
That god ray effect you speak of was also completely abscent in the PS3 version of Bulletstorm. I wonder why a small effect like that would be hard to program for the PS3. It can't be too taxing on the hardware.

Anyways, I didn't like the mp demo at all. It's too messy having to constantly use cloak and heat vision, and the map design is pretty poor. Can't say PS3 gamers are missing out. KZ3 seems to be a much better choice in all areas.
#3.1 (Edited 1673d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
dontbhatin  +   1673d ago
God of War 3 has the "god ray effect" that he speaks of. and look how beautiful that game runs.
Megaton  +   1673d ago
Agree about the demo. I thought it was incredibly mediocre. Maybe put an hour into it on PC. Well... about a dozen hours if you count the time it took to get an account through at MyCrysis.
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360 man  +   1673d ago
360 version it is then
Ninver   1673d ago | Trolling | show
badz149  +   1673d ago
...says a "360 man" (-_-!)
thereapersson  +   1673d ago
Let me see
Someone named 360 man chooses the 360 version over the PS3 version.

CherryLu-Chan  +   1672d ago
Wait... he could have been.. maybe he was..


Got nuthin'

Buho  +   1672d ago
LOL the 360 version isn't much better..
warrior9988   1673d ago | Offensive
Cannabiano  +   1673d ago
PC version is full of bugs... i cant even log in.

Crytek is mocking us.
Cannabiano  +   1673d ago
suit upgrade = bug

Shotgun = poor damage

invisible = COD noobs.
Bob570  +   1672d ago
The demo ended buddy.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1673d ago
Yep, the demo on the PC was a let down, and now the PS3 too.

Crytek is now Xbox centric.

RIP, Crytek.
Ninver  +   1673d ago
Game is full of false promises and mediocrity. Crytek should have kept it PC exclusive. Maybe then it could have been better or equal to Crysis 1. What a joke of a game. PS3 gamers deserve better. Save your money for exclusives.
Masterchef2007  +   1673d ago
Exactly. Whats terrible is that Crysis said in the beginning that the PS3 was better than they switched to that both are the same. And now from the results of the demo the PS3 version is completly broken. It just goes to show that these devs clearly only know how to develope for the PC and 360.

I dont understand how a dev like Crytek can make a broken version of the game when there are multiplat devs that do a great job such as the creators of Battlefield. Now while the 360 version is a tiny bit better (barely noticible the differences) the visuals are top notch and the performance is rock solid in the PS3 versions.
klapkip  +   1672d ago
Played the demo and removed it short after. What a crap. Better looking out for SOCOM 4 and Infamous 2.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1673d ago
Heres my rant from another site
I read all the hype surrounding it, watched gameplay from the other platform demos (PC, 360) and tonight I finally played it. (And by finally I mean after sitting for about 45 minutes searching for a match)

Boy was I HUGELY disappointed.
-The graphics aren't good. I'm talking MW2 bad, I don't care its a demo because the games coming out next week or so. so many pop ins, it reminded me of Gears of War. Add to that that the 360 and PC versions look WAAAY better than the PS3 version. Thanks for half-assing our version Crytek. -___-
-The gunplay is HORRIBLE. There are no hitmarkers so everyone just sprays the guns randomly until someone dies. You don't even know when you are hitting someone. Its so frustrating watching a killcam of some guy spraying the gun around in a circle then all of a sudden the killcam goes into slowmo and ONE GODDAMN bullet headshots you.
-The maps are HORRIBLE.
-All the guns feel the same. Th SCAR, and that LMG kill with the same amount of bullets
-The game plays like Halo mixed with COD (not in a good way). COD with the terrible spraying gunplay and killstreaks, and Halo with the armor and health. Did I mention how terrible the gunplay is?
-Hit Detection is BAD. I've watched killcams of people shooting the air next to me then I'd just drop dead, wtf?
-The thing I hate the most though is that when you respawn for some **** reason you can't move and have to sort of jump around before the game will allow you to move forward. (IDK maybe its just for me but that pisses me off.)

The only good thing I see about the MP is the parkour and armor abilities.

The SP of that game better be good or you'll see a lot of 7/10 reviews for this game. Did I mention the graphics, I was so pissed when I first got into a game and said to myself, "Wow, this game looks just as good as MW2..."

..I..(-_-)..I.. Crytek and Crysis 2
newflesh  +   1672d ago
MW2 actually looks better..
stuntman_mike  +   1672d ago
7/10 since when was that bad lol
Sven Benoit  +   1673d ago
I still haven't downloaded the demo on my ps3 yet, so I can't tell you what it looks like. I got it on my 360 a while back and it looked pretty good. Ima have to download it just to see if it is really that bad.
Goaliegeek  +   1673d ago
The demo is ok. Other players are too small, the HUD is hard to read (curves too much, text is too small) graphics are ok. for 2008. KZ3 looks way better. Controls are smoother in Crysis 2, but again, it's beta. Managed to get into a game after 10 minutes of not being able to find/connect to a game. I'll play with it more. It's a fun little shooter, but an overhyped one so far for me.
Led-Zeppelin  +   1672d ago
I cant even judge it yet because the damn servers wont even find me a game yet!
Jihaad_cpt  +   1673d ago
see the worry in my eye?
sNsKid  +   1673d ago
Good thing I didn't even bother downloading the demo. lol
Megaton  +   1673d ago
Should have stayed PC-exclusive. Now it's just gonna end up a stain on Crytek's reputation.
neomatrix909   1673d ago | Spam
OmegaSlayer  +   1673d ago
Isn't the upcoming Crytek game a 360 exclusive? :p
rlm41  +   1673d ago
Codename Kingdoms :D
stonecold3  +   1672d ago
yes crytek games is exclusive ps3 gets ffvs 13 excluisve
the_kutaragi_baka  +   1673d ago
Tried to find a match, ended up waiting, then got disconnected.

thanks for this stupid crytek..
HmongAmerican  +   1673d ago
What happen to graphic doesn't matter. It's all about the gameplay. I can grantee that reviewer gonna attack the PS3 version on bad texture and other little detail not in other version.
Jacobite  +   1672d ago
"What happen to graphic doesn't matter" Graphics does matter to a extent, if you have a decent PC and Crytec being Graphic Kings they should have supported DX11 at least DX10 not just DX9c this is a slap on the face to PC gamers. Yes gameplay is inportant, but them being PC devs that pushed the graphic boat out we expected more a lot more Crysis Warhead looks better WTF going on?
Masterchef2007  +   1673d ago
Its their first time developing anything on the PS3. SO i expect them to do a dismal job due to lack of experience. I know they said that Sony came in an helped them. But based on the results that i see from the demo it just shows that they refuse to make the PS3 version decent.
Mr Tretton  +   1673d ago
I just played it and it's the worst looking game I've ever seen on PS3. That is no joke. I couldn't believe it.
starchild  +   1673d ago
You're funny. Even if it is inferior it still looks better than most games. I can't believe the things some people say.
kookie  +   1672d ago
Talk nice to jack tretton
Mr Tretton  +   1672d ago
I'm being 100 percent serious, and you are high if you think that looks better than 'most games.'
Der_Kommandant  +   1672d ago
I believe Jack Tretton
#21.2 (Edited 1672d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Imalwaysright  +   1672d ago
Agree. Downloaded the PS3 demo. Played 2 matches, got tired of it, deleted it and started to play DA2. Couldnt believe my eyes, DA2 looked much better than Crysis 2.
Jdub895O  +   1673d ago
seriously you guys whine too much it doesnt look bad at all.Im having fun with the ps3 demo more then kz3.Its a good game.The demo on 360 has the same problems so shut it people.At least this demo will keep me occupied till the so socom 4 beta is out :/. You say that this game is overhyped? Every single shooter that is announced nowadays is overhyped!Wanna know why? Because of these sites that tease us with early tech demos,trailers,gameplay videos.Killzone 3 is good but not amazing ikinda regret buying it.Its missing alot of features and could use some more game modes imo.
Sven Benoit  +   1673d ago
Yeah, I feel the same way about Killzone too. I bought Killzone 2 the first day it came out, but IMHO it was just ok to me. Thats why I still haven't bought Killzone 3 yet. Killzone 2 I played for only about 2 weeks and then I stopped playing it. I didn't finished the campaign nor did I max my rank on the multiplayer. Killzone 3 I only played the 3d demo, which is pretty cool and the multiplayer beta but I don't think I am gonna get it. But i must say, the graphics are great though
Mustang300C2012  +   1672d ago
Even when PS3 fanboys are talking about how bad it is? Plus as far as those sites go, blame Crytek. I don't think they are bad devs at all. I plan on picking up the PC and 360 version. But they were talking sh*t this whole time like the developers for Ghostbusters. Don't blame the media, blame the developers and EA if this is not a representation of the final product. They are the ones responsible for their games showing. If this is the representation of final product and it doesn't look to standards they claimed it would, then they deserve all the critiscm they get.
jokia005  +   1673d ago
I played the demo on ps3.
I dont care its inferior to other versions because I could know that this game is really boring,boring.
I wont buy dis.
#23 (Edited 1673d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
dragonelite  +   1673d ago
But IBM said the ps3 was 3 times stronger then the 360.
wenaldy  +   1673d ago
It's up to developer...
IHateYouFanboys  +   1673d ago
a few incorrect things from the article:

"HUD bobbles a lot"
well duh, its supposed to. theres even a setting for how much it bobbles in the options lol. dont want it to bobble? turn the HUD shake setting completely down to zero.

"The PS3 version runs at the resolution of 1024×720 which is sub-HD and looks poor"
well its not sub-HD. technically it does have the 720 vertical lines required of 720p, so its 720p. is it the same native resolution that is generally associated with 720p? no, but its not far off.

also, depending on which country you live in, anything above even 480p is considered HD.

is it 1280x720? no. is it HD? yes, in every non-fanboy/non-idiot sense of the word.

"Broken Melee system"

well its not broken, its just different. its not the regular 1 hit kills melee system that most games these days have. it seems to have some good client side hit detection going, where if you hit someone then they hit you, and both hits wouldve killed the other person, it only kills the person who got hit first. other games should take note.

"Framerates drops lower than 30 on many occassions."

so like pretty much every other online shooter this generation? ive had times in Killzone 3 where i could count the framerate on 2 hands in points. dont find me complaining about it though, because its just something that happens when theres a lot going on.
#25 (Edited 1673d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
dragonelite  +   1673d ago
Yeah they changed the melee to 2 hits because a lot of people were complaining about. Yeah give players that can go invisible and camp in a corner one hit melee kill. Still dont understand crytek made the right choice to make it more like halo then cod. Now if only they would go a bit more old school and drop power weapons in the map to fight over and give advantage to the team that know the respawn times and to take over which part of the map at X time point.

Its a simple and old concept but it makes teamdeath match that more enjoyable. If i had to design a FPS i would go with the halo designs with 2~3 start weapons and power weapons on a map.
fredfenster  +   1673d ago
It's a shame, some of the gameplay looked pretty cool. Probably skip this anyway, or maybe bargain bin one day.
Masta Kaos  +   1673d ago
Then im not buying it....Im playing Killzone 3 n the CrapyCrytekCrysis 2 is pure insult. I guess thEy utilised all the Ps3's power by jus yappin'
nano88  +   1672d ago
nigga killzone 3 suck you said it like you playing a classic lol
Masta Kaos  +   1672d ago
No! U suck.....Go play Rogue Warrior
wissam  +   1673d ago
Thanks a lot. I wont buy this game after this. the only thing got me interested was the multiplayer trailers. after this. I will not waste my money on a crappy port.
General Shrooms  +   1673d ago
Sucks that the PS3 almost always gets the shitty end of the stick when it comes to ports.
sewerdog  +   1673d ago
the only thing inferior is gamersmint. not bad just a shooter S.S.D.D.
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