CitrusMOJO: Socom 4 Beta Live Stream

There comes a time right before games release that we occasionally get a sneak peak because a dedicated beta tester that loves the community streams their beta through the net.

Get it while it's hot and don't forget to enter to win a beta code from CitrusMOJO.

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SpitFireAce852501d ago

I got a code at around 9:30 EST it took a while to download
the 1.5Gb file size but its fun i like it a lot...

kingboy2501d ago

Hope you give us some feedback later on,have fun

CyberCam2501d ago

Here's my feedback of the game. I really like it so far!

SpitFireAce852500d ago

Thank you i will thanks for the invite btw..

media732501d ago

Why is this any different to graw 2?

Trroy2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

GRAW 2's graphics were "okay" for 2007, its "automatic" cover system sucked (although I recall it only being in SP), and the controls were horribly clunky? Man... that's an understatement, with the controls, too. A HUGE understatement.

Oh, and the MP maps were poorly made.

I played GRAW 2 a bit... if I hadn't already sold it years ago, I certainly would now.

SOCOM 4 looks great and plays great, and I'm comparing it with games from 2011, not 2007.

sodathief2501d ago

mag but in third person. The graphics are smooth though. Plus no respawn will make the game tense and adrenaline filled either way.

I_Guts_I2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I hope tis is as good as it looks.