10 Reasons Silent Hill: Downpour Will Rock

Dead Pixels rounds up the ten most exciting things about Silent Hill: Downpour that could make it the best game yet in the longstanding horror series.

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floetry1012685d ago

I'm such a huge fan of the franchise that I'll be picking this up regardless of the response. To be fair though, the series really hasn't been great since Silent Hill 3. I don't think the recent games are too bad, they just lacked the nuance of the early ones.

gillri2685d ago

yes im a huge fan also I dont expect it to be as good as SH1, SH2 or SH3

but even if its only close I dont mind

downwardspiral2685d ago

just want them to make it like silent hill 2, and i'll be a happy camper.

Alos882685d ago

I'm still a little depressed that Yamoaka isn't involved, especially given the generic music used in the trailers.

Inception2685d ago

Ok, honestly Homecoming not as bad as people said. I had a good time with it and Yamaoka music's still ringing in my ears. But this Downpour...i hope it will have great music even though Yamaoka not participated in it.

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