HOMEFRONT - The Struggle

Homefront, is the most expensive project undertaken by the Agoura Hills company THQ. THQ has said it needs to sell 2 million copies to break even.

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Balt 2652d ago

What kills me about these companies and their sky-high projections is this -- Why set your returns so high in a market chalk full of competition? Everyone and their mother are releasing FPS that via for the consumer dollar. Everyone. It is the most over saturated genre in all of gaming.

How about this THQ, less FPS and more productivity in other genres? Just a thought

MagicGamer2652d ago

I have to agree with this statement some what. I do however see their reasoning with trying to get into that genre. It's all about making the most money. Which genre will pay out the best at the moment.

JackBNimble2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

well if they are going to try to get in the genre then they should have a product that can compete.

I bought Homefront to day (beat the game on veteran... not hard to do) and I was very disappointed , especially in the online game play..... Sorry but this game can't even measure up to cod in graphics or come anywhere close to game play, and I am not a cod fan. (my opinon of coures)

I bought the hipe and that is my mistake, point is if they (THQ)spent that much money on this game then why does it lag behind most FPS games?

This is a game that I should have rented first.

EDIT: I should add , I bought it for the ps3 so in my opinion the console version is 6/10.

r1sh122652d ago

So far most people I know who are buying this, are trying to get away from the call of duty multiplayer.
I myself left black ops MP behind a few months ago, its more annoying than fun, when a game becomes like that its time to put it down.
I had a look at the MP gameplay which some people had leaked over the past week, but I was not convinced, graphics dont matter as much as gameplay but overall it didnt look worth the price tag.
For now Ive picked up fight night, but Im still 50/50 on whether to buy this..
Im gonna have to see how many people get it.

claterz2652d ago

I agree that the FPS genre is very over saturated, however that's not the only reason, the game simply doesn't live up to expectations people had. When BF3 launches it will sell a lot because it's going to be a great game, and I'm sure it will receive good review scores which make a huge difference. Even though most people on this website seem to think review don't matter, for most people if a game receives a few 6's and 7's they won't buy it.

stlbeast12652d ago

well its my personal opinion but it was more hyped then deserved and it is hard to bring out an FPS to compete with the Call of Duty giant

PhilieDeee2652d ago

Actually, based on what i've been experiencing from the gameplay so far 10 out of 10 baby best game since call of duty 4 sure the graphics are cartoonish but the gameplay is phenomenal THQ sure stepped up on this one. The only reason people are bashin this game is because of the graphics and servers. Which in all aspect is not the "GAME" it is the features of the game the game is downright incredible.

pr0digyZA2652d ago

Have to agree I'm giving it an 8.5 at the moment, I am really enjoying it a lot more than I thought.

StrmKyk2652d ago

I dont think its even in the same class as the Call of Duty FPS Genre. So they shouldnt want 60 bucks for it. Thats for sure

gorebago2652d ago

Thank you. It plays like half life: modern warfare which a terrible combo

PhilieDeee2652d ago

If you have played the multiplayer you would understand just don't bash a game just because a review from gamestop says the game is a crap-sandwich :P

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