New fan made live action Mario short film

From PGN: "Joe Nicolosi produced and directed this live action short film called “Mario” for the SXSW 2011 Film Festival."

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Balt 2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Pretty sick of seeing these mature contented renditions of Mario with eye roll phrases.

@ below

Nintendo is very iffy about tossing intellectual properties to the wolves these days. The problem with Mario in film is this -- American's love talking heads. It's talk, talk, talk and bang, bang, bang followed by a huge explosion. That's the American audience.

Mario doesn't talk much. So what's left? I'll tell you what, the above film. Something so incredibly dreadful to watch that it completely ruins the Mario legacy. Mario will have to be handled with kid gloves should he under go a big Hollywood budgeted release.

If not -- It's going to be bad.

nfourgtoday2656d ago

Maybe Nintendo one day will team up with Dreamworks and make a cgi Mario film for real.

DolfZigglers2656d ago

Disney did prove that you can make an animated film without much talking (Wall-E) but I know what you're saying. Here's the thing with Mario though: though the series doesn't usually have a lot of talking - the rps like Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario have a lot of hilarious writing. Just a thought.

hay2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

It's a short. Low budget short. There will be talking 'cause they can't allow to put full Michael Bay Hollywood cgi bullshit you would like to see. Does reading also bother you?

And it's great short. Thought out, creative, straightforward and cool inretpretation.

And you're writing a script for documentary? It'll be piss-poor Fox News-esque blinded propaganda since you don't get the full picture.

simmies2656d ago

I think it would b interesting to see a Mario movie no matter what

Sun_e2656d ago

Nintendo and Dreamworks would be great!