Naruto: new footage (4.18 min)

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is one of a kind in it's artwork. Embedded Xboxkings give you 4.18 minutes of single player footage from Gamevideos, that shows a walk around through a city and interaction with other persons.

This could give the 360 a boost of hardware sales in Japan, as they're loving this cartoon. Here at Xboxkings we must say: playing it seems like watching the cartoon, it looks really, really good. What about you?

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Douchebaggery4093d ago

even though i don't care about naruto it's good to see something different on x360

power of Green 4093d ago

Most diverse Next-gen console on the market. Hmmm...

Douchebaggery4093d ago

but would you mind elaborating i might be missing something

power of Green 4093d ago

Its not an opinion... What you're missing is clearly not knowing or looking at MSFT's lineup as a whole.

I wasn't trying to start a fight and its refreshing to get a civil response. Bubbles 4 U.

Pete_Approved4093d ago

I really waiting for this game to come out!! I love naruto :P And its cool its Xbox360!

the greatest4093d ago

Naruto Suckz with his hi pitch voice

risk4093d ago

they both English! watch it in Japanese and prepare to be rocked. 2bad dvd9 probably wont have Japanese voice acting in it :/ ruins an otherwise perfect game.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4093d ago

@3.2 what are you talking about the game will have the Japaneses voice acting.

SmokeyMcBear4093d ago

that was pretty funny, basically playing a cartoon which is cool Is this game out yet, or still to be released. Because I have seen naruto game commercials on tv.. well a lot actually lately, but they are for the ps2.. thats interesting.

Pete_Approved4093d ago

The game will be released on 23 okt. oh.. sorry TheMART, didn`t saw yah :P

felidae4093d ago

but does anybody care about Naruto?

Pete_Approved4093d ago

hah, yah you don`t care right. :P
This game will rock on the Xbox360! The graphics, the sound! All. gooood.

fjtorres4093d ago

For whom it happens to be the *only* show worth watching. ;-)
Also anime fans of all ages; the kind that download anime shows from the 360 Video Marketplace.
There's a reason UBIsoft licensed the western rights to the game for a 360-exclusive.

wageslave4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

Will anyone care? Uhm, the next-gen debut of the most popular Anime Show on Television?

This is going to sell a lot of Xboxs to young teens. Next time you talk to a 10 year old boy or girl, ask them about this game.

Or, ask anyone knowledgable about Popular Eastern Media or culture.

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The story is too old to be commented.