You know there’s something wrong with video game journalism when…

... a 75%+ Metacritic rating becomes responsible for a game company's stock taking a dip.

THQ has been banking a lot of money on Homefront lately, their own offering for the hordes of gamers addicted to modern military shooting games from EA and Activision. Ofcourse, once you build up hype, you build expectations. And once you fail to meet expectations, you get a bad rep no matter how good your game is otherwise.That's exactly what happened to Homefront. []

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DualConsoleOwner2683d ago

Low Rating=Less Sales
Less Sales= Less Revenue

Less Revenue= Less Profit or even Loss.

Low Profit or Loss= Lower stock price.


Titanz2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

It sold about, $20 mil so far.

NukaCola2683d ago

Wii play was a $10 game that came with a controller though.

JackBNimble2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

75 on the metacritic is about %15 more then i would have given the game.

How about THQ make a quality game and maybe they might make some money. Homefront is mediocre to begin with so what do they expect.

Ya , I bought the game ... sadly!

oops ... I clicked reply on the wrong name... to much whisky I guess. Anyway my point is made.

chainer30002682d ago

Wii play shouldn't be on the sales board for games due to the fact that it is the only way to get the controller.

HolyOrangeCows2682d ago

"You know there’s something wrong with video game journalism when…
... a 75%+ Metacritic rating becomes responsible for a game company's stock taking a dip"

In today's greatly inflated reviewing market, games get 8s easily for little more than being functional. To get a 75 is actually below average for a big budget game these days.

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Inside_out2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

The thing is the game is just releasing NOW and the stock dropped 20 percent which is HUGE. THQ is notoriously cheap so you get what you pay for with them. A 5 hour campaign became a lighting rod of sorts for whiners while a game like Mag didn't even have a single player.

The problem is the game has become a money pit for THQ suffering delays and in the end the graphics, to me at least looks like a launch title.

Everybody wants COD numbers BUT they forget how much money and talent Activision has and that's why that game has sold so well. I haven't played Homefront yet ( rental ) but the game play videos are brutally ugly to say the least. Telling everyone, including your share holders your game needs to sell 2 million just to break even is just plain dumb. Somebody is going to get fired for this.

BTW...this guy saying reviewers should have the balls to put out lower scores is pathetic. reviewers, for the most part are bought and paid for with free games, systems...etc. If you want to see if a game is worthy, rent it and see or your self.

Rearden2683d ago

Well, the game just doesn't meet the expectations and hype set by THQ. What do you expect?

THQ ran a big marketing campaign, so naturally gamers and THQ's share holders expected the game to be great. Turns out Homefront is just mediocre.

DelbertGrady2683d ago

People who've played it seem to think that the multiplayer is awesome. It had lots of pre-orders and I'm sure there's many out there who are getting sick and tired of COD and want something else. I hope at least. I need someone to play with :)

Johandevries2683d ago

Thumbs up for your positive comments

TheDeadMetalhead2683d ago

The thing that gets me.

Everybody stopped paying attention to movie critics a long time ago.
Everybody stopped paying attention to music critics a long time ago.
Everybody stopped paying attention to TV critics a long time ago.

So why does everybody still care so much about video game reviews?

radphil2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Because the mass public is sheepish.

They've turned gaming into a social status thing now. If you see it a lot on TV and/or hear people talking about it, then it MUST be good apparently. If it has high ratings, not questioning the content written, then it MUST be good.

It's to the point where companies have to advertise famous names now to market things.

badz1492683d ago

don't cost as much as games! $60 vs $10(movies) vs $5(iTune music?) I hope you get my point

Berserker__11242683d ago

Good point but I don't have to spend 60+ dollars on a movie or cd dude

I want my money be worth spending. Just like you ask questions before you buy a car. You jus don't wanna get burned.

kaveti66162683d ago

Taking advantage of reviews does not make one sheepish.

I could just as easily say that someone who doesn't listen to reviews ever is a hardheaded, stubborn, jackass.

Reviews are good to follow especially if you've found a critic who has consistently shared the same views as you on the medium and has the same interests.

There have been times where I have not listened to reviews and I have ended up regretting it with no one to blame but myself because when so many people were saying that something sucked, I decided to not listen.

And people still pay attention to movie critics and music critics and TV critics.

If you have a very high budget, good for you. Rich people have the luxury of not giving a crap how much money they waste because they have a large supply. People who have a small budget for gaming aren't going to say, "Hey, screw it. I'm gonna pay full price for these games rated 65 and ignore all the games rated 80 to 90."

No doubt some reviewers nitpick and even point out problems in low-profile games while ignoring the same problems in high-profile games, but for the most part, I have almost never been steered wrong by aggregate review scores.

The only exception was Demon's Souls for me.

TheDeadMetalhead2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

What about renting games?

And besides, it's not like the reviews are the only way you can tell if you want a game. You could always look up gameplay videos or ask other people about it (I don't mean reviewers). Or see if the game is even the kind of game you would want to play in the first place.

But most importantly, the game's score doesn't mean you'll definitely enjoy it. I've played 93-rated games that I've hated, and 43-rated games that I loved. That's the whole reason I don't listen to them anymore in the first place. And trust me; If you only buy games that got above a certain score, you're missing out on a lot.

callahan092683d ago

Well the reason it happened with movie critics was that a lot of people were seeing movies that got crap reviews and they liked them, and they would see movies that got great scores, and didn't like them. So they realized that critics don't fall in line with their opinions. With games, most people just play the games that got the good reviews, and these do tend to be games that people like, so therefore they haven't become disenfranchised with reviewers. If they played some games that got less than good reviews they would probably see that critics ratings aren't gospel and enjoy some of those games. But people just tend to ignore those for some reason. If reviewers started giving great scores to games that people didn't like, THAT is when they would become disenfranchised with reviewers.

Coffin872682d ago

It's easy:
1. You expect to spend a LOT of time with a video game, compared to a movie you see in the cinema or a music CD you can just lay aside, or a TV program that's crappy - you just switch channels.
2. Video Games are expensive. I don't wanna spend 60+ € on a crappy piece of sh*t game that I hate after 20 minutes.
3. It probably also has to do with the age of the comparatively 'young' medium, but I think those first two are the main reasons.

radphil2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


I meant it's more of taking that score at mass value and ignoring the content written into it. The problem being is that those kinds of reviews that don't inhibit money into their views are few and far apart.

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NRG2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

That comparison image in the article doesn't prove anything except the video game industry is full of way too many praising reviewers rather than actually being video game critics doing what they're supposed to be doing: criticizing.

Too many butthurt, overly sensitive fanboys for every game and platform. Too many companies paying reviewers for good scores.

jophus2683d ago

I love how most of the people that are saying THQ released an inferior game are the same people that simply read the reviews and haven't played it for themselves.

It's a damn good game, with occasional hokey voice acting, but overall so far it's up there with MW2 for military shooters.

So to put it in terms that people that have no decision making skills of their own and need to read 'journalists' scores rather than playing it - Game is good. It go bang bang and zoom zoom! It have gun and tank like Call of Duty game. I give game 85%. Zoom!

JackBNimble2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

well I disagree with you completely, and yes I own the game , and no I am not as happy with it as you.

I can only blame myself for falling for all the hype and NOT listening to the reviews. I don't know what you see about this game, but online sucks ass and the single player game was over all to quickly.

85%? ...Really?... you must have low expectations.

jophus2683d ago

Well I certainly wasn't saying that nobody would not like the game. Hell, there are people that will play it but have some kind of mental block that will prohibit their enjoyment of it simply because of their loyalty to CoD.
Not saying they're doing it on purpose, etc. It's just the way it is. Same thing with movies, music, anything else that you can like and not're going to carry some hidden loyalty.

Yes, so far I would give the game an 85% and that's without playing multiplayer, and not completing the single campaign yet. I don't feel I have low expectations, but I still feel entitled to my own opinion on the you are, too. It's the people that blind bash it that get me, same with movies and music. I've reviewed movies before (and hate it, which is why I'm not doing it now) and no matter what I piled through the movie to the end credits just to give it a fair shake. So what if I know ZOMBIES GONE WILD was shit within the first two minutes? Who's to say it doesn't improve ...(spoiler: it didn't)?

Boils down to, much like in the early 00's, everyone wanted to be a DJ or a record everyone wants to be an online journalist.

jophus2683d ago

Also, I'll put it out there that I can be a fairly easy sell. I wasn't very interested in this game for a long time, mainly because it's a new IP and it's a genre I'm only just getting into (the military modern shooter), but once I heard the gun sound effects in a video...that's what sold me.

Some reviewer actually bashed them, saying they were generic and bad. That reviewer has no ears.

jophus2681d ago

And now having completed the single player campaign in around 3-4 hours, I felt compelled to come back here and post this for whoever reads it.

Save your money. Most anti-climactic game I've ever played. It's seriously over without any kind of major battle, or really any kind of knockout third act. It's total bullshit, and fuck this game.

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