Socom 4 Multiplayer is Great, Get Yours Now!

9thGenHero writes: "The GAMERZ411 podcast crew was on site at PAX East 2011 with HipHopGamer checking out all the latest and greatest games and technology to be released in the months ahead."

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-Mezzo-2624d ago

Got mine with the Killzone 3 Copy. As a long time Socom Fan i cannot wait to Test it myself.

So many people are hating on it, due to all the changes even though they have played it yet. Thats Stupid.

Hitman07692624d ago

To me it sounds like something for everyone, let's hope that's the case. I pre-ordered this!

9thGenHero2624d ago

All I know is this: I'm an old school SOCOM player, and I played SOCOM at PAX East, SOCOM is BACK!!

Rainstorm812624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

i like to hear that, im an old school SOCOMer as well, i cant wait for the beta to start.

I already have like two beta codes (kz3 & ps+)

sickbird2624d ago

Yea im super excited about this game. I've been playing since socom 1 and im kinda getting tired of the "socom vets" bashing the game because its a little different. They're all stuck in 2005. Zipper cant just remake Socom 2, they need to make money.

DelbertGrady2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Oh, it's him. MP does look good though.

HOSe2624d ago

it looks good thats for sure. look forward to downloading it tuesday

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