Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC: Jill and Shuma Gorath

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

It's been a month since Marvel vs. Capcom: Fate of Two Worlds hit the shelves. The DLC pack for Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath is now live. Collector's Edition owners got them for free, but regular edition folk are going to have to pony up five bucks apiece for them. Are the characters worth the extra cash? Click in to find out!

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Warprincess1162565d ago

I don't care about shuma but jill sucks. Horrible health. No good way to get close to a opponent who spamming projectiles. She definitely low tier.

blaziliuz122565d ago

you really like to complain do you?

GrieverSoul2565d ago

We should be complaining about the "dlc" being already on the disc! i bet the purchase has only 100kb.

RyanDJ2565d ago

It is true, it is a tiny file. DLC on disc fail.

midgard2272565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

warprincess ur so right. she is so low tier, all specials are horrible, the dashing ultimate is a waste of 3 bars may aswell use that for another character, the machine gun special does no damage and almost never hits anyone, and the kick is mid screen with a slow start up so its low success rate.

i heard if u master her u can learn infinite combos but thats ridiculous strict timing and precision, i dont wanna have to spend hours to learn to do that crap, when u can just pic up shuma gorath and his combos are insane even when u dont know what ur doing. totally unfair, i was hoping jill wud have speed like x-23, thats not the case or even close.

they just call her the fastest character because of her useless ultimate

and people need to stfu, frank west is a lame character from a horrible dynasty warriors rip off, and dynasty warriors is bad.

dead rising features horrible AI, one button attacks and....yeah i dont know why anyone likes series

djcitizend2565d ago

Is that supposed to be Jill from RE? Doesn't even look like her....

RyanDJ2565d ago

I wish an alternate outfit was her original setup from MvC2. Sadly, that'll probably be another 5 dollar DLC later...

supremacy2565d ago

4.99 each?lol ok capcom keep up the good work. Another resident evil cast member, which means another zombie slayer all thats left now is for frank west to join this cast and the poor cast choice will become the more evident.

Thank god I don't even own this game, been waiting, hoping they added in some old favorites like strider, captain commando, jin, mega man, hayato ect. But at these prices and this wait just makes this game unattractive to me.

RyanDJ2565d ago

I hope that they continue the DLC. They could surpass MvC2 with number, I just hope they drop prices or make bundle packs. I got the Collector's Edition, it was worth the price for the cool stuff, and the price difference was the same as the DLC Cost. But if another set comes out, I'll be waiting for a price drop or using Bing Rewards points, or the new Microsoft rewards program....something to ease the pain.

RockmanII72565d ago

Man I hate these prices, $5 a character is steep. Mega Man and maybe Pheonix Wright are the only guys I'll be ok with paying that much for. Even Frank West might not be worth it unless he is Top Tier.

RyanDJ2565d ago

I would LOVE to see Phoenix. Since they have Marvel's Phoenix as well....

How dangerous would that finger point be???

Grimhammer002565d ago

I guess you guys should have got the collectors edition like me! Lol
I like Jill. She's uber fast and works well as a hit n run character. Her super sucks though.

I live this game. Too many l33t turny complainers will have you believe this game suxs...don't believe it! Try it yourself, it's easy to play but hard to get good at.

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