Top 7 iPhone Games in 2011

Koku writes: "It’s another year and another Top list of iPhone games you need to play in 2011. With over thousands of iPhone games on the market, choosing 5 or more for your addiction seems like a impossible task. Yet for another year Mike has put together a wonderful Top 7 video of games you need to play in 2011. So without any hesitation go ahead and click play to see what you’ve been missing out on.

If you haven’t seen Mike’s last Top 7 list definitely do."


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Valay2559d ago

Angry Birds is so addictive, cool to see it come to the consoles!

Cinotix2559d ago

I agree, bought it for about all the systems available just waiting on the PS3 and the XBLA versions. Just like peggle i find it to be awesome as hell.

Ziriux2559d ago

Peggle I found to be a lot more fun than Angry Birds it was just as challenging and offered a lot of difference. Although Angry Birds is pretty close.

cain1412559d ago

The nice thing about Angry Birds is you can get 1-2-3 stars and keep playing till you get 3...

Ziriux2559d ago

True. Once you beat levels in Peggle you're king sitting there saying whats next.

Cinotix2559d ago

Well you could always go for Ultra Fever. :) It's difficult as fuck but possible.

Ziriux2559d ago

I actually have video proof of getting Ulta on all levels.


I like "Cut the Rope" more than angry birds, it makes you think, and is more rewarding.

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cain1412559d ago

I feel like everyone has played angry birds by now...

Cinotix2559d ago

Angry Bird has taken over the world. Officially bigger than Jesus.

cb8102559d ago

Still addicted to the birds...

Incipio2558d ago

I don't care what platform they're on...shooters-on-rails do not belong in top-anything lists.