3D = This Generation’s Rumble Pac

A quick article talking about how 3D is nothing to be too excited about.

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zootang2409d ago

It will be as big but just as much frowned upon at first.

Dylantalon12409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

3d is amazing and adds more immersion when experiencing a game. the nay-sayers who objects to 3d are fanboys, people who are blind to it or haters. the number one reason a person plays a video game is to be lost or totally immersed in the game theyre playing and 3d makes the process a step further towards that.

let me explain this to a lot of people who dont.' XBOX 360 cant to true stereoscopic 3d'.i know some will be quick to oppose my statement but to those who have a ps3 and a xbox 360 with a 3d tv knows theres a big difference in the consoles 3d. while the ps3s 3d is amazing, the xbox 360 version of 3d requires the user to force their tv to go into 3d and looks worse than the 3d ps3 is capable of. its no wonder why this website opposes 3d. well done 3d is amazing and is like experiencing a scenery with 2 eyes as suppose to one eye open

StbI9902409d ago

¨3d is amazing and adds more immersion when experiencing a game.¨

Battery > immersion, thanks.

Istanbull2409d ago

People who hate 3D are too poor to afford a 3D TV. All the mid and high end models of TV's have 3D. I bought my 50" 3D TV for 1300 euros.

So far, I'm enjoying GT5, Killzone 3, WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD in 3D, looks amazing! Not to mention all the 3D movies I got!

Stop hating something you can't afford!

DaTruth2409d ago

I've been seeing in 3D my whole life and I kind of like it! I wouldn't choose to see real life in 2D, so given the opportunity, why wouldn't I want to see my games in 3D?

I don't know what this cyclops's problem with it is!

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noxeven2409d ago

I just see myself caring as much. I don't want any fandom rage. So don't be hating. I mean seriously when you think about it. Do you really care that much. As is right now with the line up of games included at launch. I just don't feel it. Its not making me giggity with anticipation. Just meh who cares.

STK0262409d ago

While I agree that the 3DS's line up isn't exactly exciting so far, I remember thinking the same when the DS launched back in 2004. The only games I bought back then were Mario and Ridge Racers, and it took months before I got myself another game. The main reason I kept my DS was because of MP:H, which was supposed to launch soon after the DS, but came quite some time later in the end. I'd say that by a year from now, the 3DS should finally have gathered enough games to be worth a ourchase, but only time will tell.

byeGollum2409d ago

Crytek has the best 3D so far based on the review I've read..

DelbertGrady2409d ago

As it stands right now, having to wear glasses and leading to headaches after 10 minutes of gameplay, it's not something I'd pay to have. I have enough headaches as is. :)

zootang2409d ago

Better than all viewers getting a different image, without glasses. Yeah developers will want that.

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