GameStop Now Offering 500GB Refurbished PlayStation 3 With All The Fixins

Kotaku - In the market for a PlayStation 3 but feel 320GB just isn't enough space? For only $50 more you can get a refurbished PS3 from GameStop with a 500GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue Hard Drive and much, much more.

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MultiConsoleGamer2651d ago

I don't usually go for refurbs but that is a very tempting offer. I've been thinking about getting a second PS3 for my bedroom.

-Mezzo-2651d ago

I always go for Refurbs, only if they have a healthy Price Drops & i have never had a problem.

LOGICWINS2651d ago

Gamestops been giving out good offers lately. I'm trading in NPS: Hot Pursuit tommorrow for MK. There giving an extra 25% trade in credit if you trade in a game towards Mortal Kombat.

noxeven2651d ago

Huh, why not just buy a new system and install the hard drive yourself. newegg is constantly have good deals for cheap hard drives. I guess if you really want to but if I'm gonna get something refurbrished I'd like to know what was wrong with it to begin with.

moparful992651d ago

My issue with refurbs, especially through gamestop, is the console maker doesn't get a dime from your purchase. I.E. sony wouldn't get any money from me buying this refurb package... Before the fangirls on here fly off the handle about not caring because sony profiting doesnt benefit me I disagree... The more money sony makes off of the ps3 the more exclusives, features, and future consoles they will be able to make.. I support the companies that make the products not some third party organization..

xtreampro_REVENGE!2650d ago

SO basically Sony should keep on making money off of a PS3 that's already been sold? that makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

That's like saying the money I received from selling my PS3 to my friend should go to Sony and not me.

DO you have any idea what you just said? Seriously this site just gets worse and worse.

moparful992650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Dude you're misinterpreting what I was saying.. Just because you decide to sell your ps3 to a friend is ok.. Im talking about companies like gamestop that could potentially sell hundreds of thousands if not millions of these consoles and sony wont see a lick of profit from that.. 1 person selling 1 ps3 wont hurt sony in the least... And yes I know exactly what I said, you are the one who needs to re-evaluate what was said...

lil Titan2651d ago

its a good deal if you dont have a PS3 yet but newegg has plenty, only thing i need to know is how to back up my PS3 to my external harddrive so i can upgrade

egidem2651d ago

First of all, you must format your external USB HDD to a FAT32 file system in order for the PS3 to detect it and be able to backup your stuff onto it. The problem is FAT32 file system has a limit of 32 GB per partition. This will depend on what type of backup you want. Use the PS3 backup utility found in Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility.

I suggest you do a full backup as this will copy everything from your game installs (like the GT 5 install), game saves and any demos you might have. Some data (copy right protected) might not copy. This is big and a backup of say 74 GB worth of data will take 2 hours to complete.

-Make sure your external USB HDD is large enough. 74 GB as in the example above is already larger than the 32 GB limit. Fortunately, you can format a larger drive, say 500 GB, to a FAT32 system even though this was not built in right out of the box by Microsoft. should show you how to do this.

Once you get your new PS3 all set up and ready, just connect your HDD, head back to the settings menu and the backup utility and use the restore function to get back your data. I STRONGLY urge you to keep your old PS3 HDD unchanged. I replaced mine with a larger upgrade and when the upgrade failed, I had already formatted the original PS3. Now I'm left with a PS3 that does nothing. Good luck!

Phoenixxx_Blaze2651d ago

Well i got news for you buddy. I have a 500gb external hdd. I formatted the drive with a tool on in fat32 and it was the whole drive. Took maybe 5 seconds. And too back up my 246gb of data, 3hrs 12mins. But thats my case.
Back on topic,
For anyone thinking this is a good deal, scorpio blue drives suck. I have one. It randomly chokes and causes lockups for any game with a patch or install. Offline or online.
If you have a big enough drive , external i mean, the ps3 can back up multiple drive setups. So you can back up the original drive. When you want to back up the second one, it usually will ask if you want to back up new or overwrite the old one.
But in all honesty, keep a 2nd external. One for your old drive to and one for the new one. You wont regret it.

lil Titan2651d ago

i have an 1TB external but when i hook it up to the PS3 i dont see it

SuperSaiyan42651d ago

What at 5400rpm? LMFAO, if the hard drive was 7200rpm then i would be a little bit more impressed with it saying supercharged.

There is nothing 'super' about this deal, like someone already said go and get the hard drive and get a new console.

divideby02651d ago

I agree... wont get a reburb.... wish I could find the linky, but there was a substantiated article showing that a 7200 rpm drive is not much and in fact = to the launch 5400 drive (same size).
I was surprised after reading it..

clearelite2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Yes, but people are going to think it's super, "omg a used ps3 with 500 gigs". People fall for some funny tricks. Oh and they should be called used/refurbished.

Me: Hey, this system looks like it's been used for quite some time. It has surface scratches and everything.

Employee: No no no, it's refurbished.

Neko_Mega2651d ago

500GB solid sate drive would be better, but good deal.

I might buy a 60GB PS3 from them but only after I get my 500GB solid state drive for it.

SuperSaiyan42651d ago

500gb SSD? Unless you are very rich they are like only around over £1300/$2k

Or you could try the Seagate Momentus XT 500GB SSD Hybrid Internal Hard Drive around 80% faster than a normal 7200rpm drive as it combines both SSD and normal hard drive and its only around £80

Neko_Mega2651d ago

I was talking more on the lines that one, plus alot of the ones I seen don't cost much.

But I would like 1TB ^-^

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