THQ Stock Down 25% Amid Poor Reviews at Homefront launch

Nasdaq traders exchanged 6.9 million shares of THQ stock -- more than four times the daily average -- in a day that saw the stock's price drop nearly 26 percent to $4.40 per share, though a small portion of that decrease has been reversed in after hour trading as of this writing.

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plb2530d ago

Posted yesterday FYI

Blaze9292530d ago

poor reviews? Maybe I missed it but I was seeing a lot of 8s.

guigsy2530d ago

Anything below 9 is considered a disappointment nowadays.

Blaze9292530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

oh yeah totally forgot about that. my mistake. Yeah this game fails.

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lastdual2530d ago

It's worth noting that the stock market is down considerably in general right now.

As such, attributing the total degree of this drop in THQ's stock price to Homefront's performance may be misleading.

Just look at the Dow Jones 5-day:

Apotheosize2530d ago

Funny how a single number from some gaming journalist can influence so much, kind of sad how high people hold reviews up

NotoriousWarrior2530d ago

I think it's because of whats happening in Japan and the markets around the world. Reviews won't affect a company's stock prices that much, if at all.

This is stupid. Did this guy just write this article without knowing whats going on?

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