Homefront Has Major Day 1 Issues

It may be no surprise to many that Homefront is suffering from Day 1 server issues.

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Focker4202439d ago

4 of my friends are currently playing it on PS3 and they've said that there haven't been any server issues at all.

yarbie10002439d ago

There are some on the Xbox who aren't experiencing problems but there are a LOT of us who are. Very weird. One guy has a neighbor down the road on the same ISP and one can get in with no lag and the other guy hasn't been able to play since he purchased it 4 hrs ago.

This morning I wasn't having issues but now everyone in my party is

SixZeroFour2438d ago

game didnt have a beta, so they couldnt test this out id expect a bit of problems for at least the first week

and from my experience, games generally with online multiplayer have issues upon release

HungPHATx2438d ago

Ya it's running fine on my PS3 too , but I've had a few freezes on match loading and had to reboot my system.... It's the first day and I'm sure it will be fine

FFXI1012438d ago

I was playing all night last night, took while to get the full room but other than that there wasn't any issue.

FragMnTagM2438d ago

It is working fine now for me. It wasn't working almost all day yesterday. Haven't had a problem today and the dedicated servers are nice.

CrimsonEngage2438d ago

I love how everyone is ragging on Homefront about this "Day 1" server issue. You want to play a game with issues? Play Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Drab2438d ago probs here, btw if u got a mic and don't use the N word add "Drabent"^^