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"The sequel to the award-winning Okami, which was originally released on the PlayStation 2 and then adapted for the Wii back in 2008, has finally arrived. Okamiden puts players in control of Chibi, the descendant of Amaterasu from the first game. With Chibi now in charge and a new partner to help him in his journey, what sinister adventure awaits these two players? Being on the Nintendo DS, players can expect the full utilization of the touch screen controls in Okamiden, but what else can they look forward to?" - JPS

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ShadyDevil2684d ago

This game looks amazing! Might have to pick it up. Hope its better than the original

Venox20082684d ago

because I didn't finish it yet,I am playing it at the moment, but game is very good, must have for Okami fans!!!! :) Okami FTW!