Treyarch Says: " Frostbite 2.0 Is Visually Stunning " But Our Engine Can Be Updated To Those Things.

Josh Olin is a true gamers gamer, but with Battlefield 3 coming Call Of Duty is at risk of losing the FPS title. It is confirmed that Treyarch is working on a new project but will they up the ante to seriously compete against the future of FPS games such as Medal Of Honor as well.

This interview has tons of info released in it and you don't want too miss it, stay tuned for the rise, the fall, and the rise again of a new Call Of Duty.

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Battlefield 3 will still be better.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I triple that...

Socom 4 Beta live stream:

Lekumkee2597d ago

Wow @ Socom 4, the game is looking TITS!!!

Pixelated_Army2597d ago


looks fookin' awesome.

Bear_Grylls2597d ago

Sad thing is that COD on consoles will probably look nicer and play smoother that BF3 on consoles...

that was CONSOLES I said not PC lol. PC is where the win will be for BF3.

I feel 720p with no AA settings or dedicated servers and a limited player count is giving the console gamers the middle finger, but hey I'm only getting it on my PC so I don't mind.

malamdra2597d ago

it's not Treyarch's engine, it was created and developed by Infinity Ward

AntoineDcoolette2597d ago

Treyarch should put their money where their mouth is. The consumer wants the best experience possible.

cyborg69712597d ago

@ malamdra I thought it was an old ID engine just tweeked by IW.

HeroComplex2597d ago

The COD engine can be updated to do those things, but that would be counter productive, now wouldn't it. Treyarch = garbage developers.

Bye bye Activision/COD

Hello Battlefield 3

Bear_Grylls2597d ago

"The COD engine can be updated to do those things"

Aaaaaahhh... No, no it can't and it definitely won't happen.

Mark my words you will never see a COD with DX11 settings, massive maps, 64 players, all sorts of vehicles and destructible environments. It just won't happen. EVER.

NiKK_4192597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Is treyarch even allowed to comment on frostbite 2.0? Not according to me at least, but anyway, if they can update "their" engine, why haven't they done it yet...or even attempted to improve...anything?

Dee_912597d ago

holy shit that socom 4 look good
it would take awhile to get use to third person tho
I can see myself playing that for a long time

Theonetheonly2597d ago

I'm just going to leave these words here... feel free to read them.

snaz272597d ago

reedbananaboat... I've already seen you put that!.... Yawn!

Istanbull2597d ago

Lol Treyarch is a 3rd grade developper!

COD graphics still look the same as COD4!

Soldierone2596d ago

So its Treyarchs engine now? Last time i checked IW built it, and Treyarch didnt even use it for WaW....

Singularity used it in a creative way and it was awesome to get a NEW experiecne out of the engine. So I have no doubts it could end up being used in new and creative ways, but it wont least not by Treyarch.

DOMination2596d ago

Nope infinity ward didn't build the engine. Carmack did; it's a slightly modified version of the doom 3 engine

stevenhiggster2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Yup, its just a modified ID tech 3 engine. Which was created in like 1999 or something. So neither IW or Treyarch created it. And its old, and starting to show its age.
To be fair though, it still looks great for an engine created 12 years ago! (compliment aimed at Id not IW or Treyarch.)

sikbeta2596d ago


Thanks for that link man


Treyarch Says: "Frostbite 2.0 Is Visually Stunning, Our Engine Can Be Updated To Those Things, but we'll not doing it since millions buy our broken games every year and they don't complain, so there is no point in step up our games" XD

paintsville2596d ago Show
gman_2972596d ago

Um, noooo. iD developed that engine for Quake III... so that's basically still iD's engine, but upgraded like hell...

ChrisW2596d ago

That was one of Hip Hop's better interviews... I actually watched the whole thing.

nycredude2596d ago Show
Gawdl3y2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

It isn't Treyarch or IW's engine. It's an outdated version of the id Tech engine, tweaked a bit for Call of Duty. Both companies helped make the COD engine what it is today (Treyarch = physics, IW = eye candy), but it still will never compare to Frostbite 2.0.

NeutralGamer2596d ago

"But Our Engine Can Be Updated To Those Things"

Then do it mofos!
Show it to us!
Pics or it didnt happen!

BWS19822596d ago

CoD lost the FPS title after Call of Duty 2 years ago. FPS title, lol...

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TurismoGTR2597d ago

Treyarch, if your engine can be updated with those kinda stunning things.. Then why haven't you did it already?

Aussiegamer2597d ago

They are so full of the brown stuff its unbelievable, Blops looked like crap. Stop talking trash and make a good game for once, you know like battlefield 3 is gonna be.

8thnightvolley2597d ago


IcarusOne2596d ago

Treyarch already said they're not gonna waste time on a new engine. And that's pretty much the only way to outdo BF3 at this point. The COD engine is nothing to write home about anymore.

Off-topic: eff hiphopflamer. What a tool.

thedarkestfaction2597d ago

Woulda shoulda coulda is what Black Ops was from the start. What a waste of money.

claterz2597d ago

I kinda agree with you, but even though it's an annoying game i've still put over 2 days into the MP, i'd say that was worth the £40 purchase as I usually don't spend half as much time on other games MP.

Gamer_Z2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

"Treyarch Says Frostbite 2.0 Is Visually Stunning But Our Engine Can Be Updated To Those Things."

Lol!!!(at Treyarch). First they would have done it all ready if it was possible and I doubt a 6 year old engine that just seems to get worse every year can pull off what a brand new next gen engine can do (frostbite 2). Second Activision would never let them do that because Acti knows that COD will sell regardless, they said it themselves that it would be Counterproductive (they are lazy and are not skilled enough) to develop a new engine not to mention it would cost them time & money and we all know that Activision does not like to spend time and money on developing COD, BO being the perfect example. Honestly F these guys I’m not supporting this crapy company and their messed up shady business practices, I hope MW3 fails hard.

Undeadwolfy2596d ago

Its like Treyarch have just seen a not so popular kid do something that nobody else in the school can do and Treyarch are saying... "I can do that tooo!!!:(!


darksied2596d ago

Yeah, but it's not only that. It's been mentioned before, but Infinity Ward (or, the the people who used to be Infinity Ward) are the ones who developed the engine. I'm sure there's some of them left with Activision, but I bet a lot of the people who designed the engine are gone. Treyarch can try, but I bet they won't get anywhere near what even the Infinity Ward guys could accomplish; definitely not anything resembling what DICE was able to accomplish.

Undeadwolfy2596d ago

Yup very true. Its a very bold, scratch that, stupid thing to say when you've been piggy backing off another developers game engine (especially one thats been used since 2005).

shoddy2597d ago

recycling old engine.

Beahmscream2596d ago


Inside_out2597d ago

Battlefield is as old as health packs. None of the 20+ million MW2 gamers or the gamers that have made Black ops the highest selling game this gen will play that game for very long. Battlefield will have to change all there game play to try to be cool and hip like COD...I doubt they can do it.

The geeks crying about COD are lost causes and don't have a clue why that game is the phenom that it is...they never will BTW because they are ignorant.

COD has the secret ingredient that Dice doesn't have. Dice still hasn't shown the console version...why not??? COD 3 will be the best COD to date and Battlefield is walking into a buzz saw this holiday as is Uncharted who will have it's A$$ and it's millions of cut scenes handed to it on a silver platter.

I'm sure M$ will kick off E3 with a great COD 3 live game play showing like they have for the last few and see how it's done.

As for all the Dice Battlefield 60 fps???'s what I thought.


It can be 60fps on pc. Tbh id rather battlefield didn't have the 20 million cod fans, there would be so many noobs like you running about with not a gram of sence on how to work as a team. Imagine being n a team were 4/5 people are complaining they can't quick scope and and just running about every where. that shit, leave the children w
Here they are!

nskrishna22596d ago

Lol...I dunno what to say to you...a CoD and 360 fanboy..:)
Some people just don't understand quality...
And Uncharted will fail?
Yep..i believe you /s

jrbeerman112596d ago

That was the best trolling job I have ever seen, got a good chuckle out of that one.

I own COD and play when my buddies are online playing it, (they are the types that buy 1 to 2 games per year).

I enjoy the game for what it is, but what you said is like saying Dwayne the Rock Johnson is the best actor of our generation and Tom Hanks and everyone else should give up acting

Redlogic2596d ago

@ Cez

If COD rules so much, then why is it when I shoot a rocket launcher and hit a wall the wall isn't destroyed? How come I don't see bullets chipping off pieces of rock as I lay down covering fire? Until COD becomes a more realistic and visceral experience I'll stick to the big boy games AKA BFBC2 and soon to be BF3.

And what the heck are you talking about? What secret ingredient? You sound like a mom who doesn't get their kid vaccinated because she thinks the government is doing population control....oh no not the secret ingredient!!

"COD has the secret ingredient that Dice doesn't have." <--- huh?

gamesmaster2596d ago

"The geeks crying about COD are lost causes and don't have a clue why that game is the phenom that it is"

"COD has the secret ingredient that Dice doesn't have"

well atleast you made your argument valid by clearing up what this secret ingredient is.... oh wait you didn't.

tmoss7262596d ago

We're on CoD 8 now dude, you're falling behind. CoD = team game without the team focus. BF has the team focus which makes it better. Does CoD have vehicles or destructible environments? Oh, didn't think so. Go play your bug-filled, hacker-filled piece of crap game.

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AsianOnRoute692597d ago

When will treyarch learn that a polished turd is still a turd? Battlefield 3 all the way!

RevXM2595d ago

First they need to learn what Polish is.

wont happen lol.

DeadlyFire2596d ago

We can make our outdated engine do all of those things. Translation. We wish we had invested in a new game engine before now.

frostypants2596d ago

Regarding their comment that their engine "can be updated to do those things" that Frostbite does...well, ok then.

Talk is cheap. PUT UP OR SHUT UP! If you CAN do it, then DO it!!!

I'd love nothing better than to see a game engine race, with these developers trying to one-up each others' innovations. Because frankly, FPS engines have been stuck in the mud for the most part for years (largely due to the stagnating influence and proliferation of the Unreal Engine).

2fk2596d ago

yea of course BF3 will destroy COD....but if COD would update their engine with better graphics and destruction...COD would be fun

colombiankilla012596d ago

When is people gonna understand that CoD games are not about graphics! Even if you like it or not CoD4 set the standard this generation! Games are like music, you just gotta make a big hit to sell albums why you guys think that CoD games always keep the same core gameplay? Stop whining about stupid crap!!

tmoss7262596d ago

Yes, but they went backwards from MW2 to Black Ops...They don't have to make graphics better, but they shouldn't be worse.

colombiankilla012591d ago

I agree with you on that one, and thats why stoped playing black ops and went back to MW2! Just remember who made call of duty what it is now and you will understand why black ops was garbage, trayarch should stick to making zombie games!

Christopher2596d ago

Then why haven't they done it?

iPad2596d ago

LOLOLOL x9000 at treyarch

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Karooo2597d ago

Treyarch sucks, its an old engine dont think it can match frostbite 2

Hoje03082597d ago

It doesn't even match Frostbite 1.0.

Hitman07692597d ago

I'm waiting to see how this turns out. Black Ops was good and all but I need a major upgrade please! :)

Hozi892597d ago

Yeah, Black Ops deserve some praise but they really need to bring out the big guns on the next COD.

frostypants2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

What's with all the disagrees? I'll never get the Black Ops hate. It's a far more balanced online FPS than MW2 was, at least.

I'm beginning to think MW2 fans just hate balance. They want their stack-able kill streaks and quickscoping madness.

As an old-school FPS fan, I like Black Ops much more. Balance beats cheap kills any day.

All that said, we shall see if Treyarch's comments aren't just hot air. Personally, I think DICE is about to steal the crown from the CoD series. It's not just the destructible buildings that make the newer BF games so fun, it's the feel of the vehicles, the atmosphere...all of it. It can be a bit intimidating to the "button masher" FPS crowd, but I think console gamers are becoming more refined in their tastes and are ready to embrace the BF series.

Bathyj2597d ago

I'm looking in the Pudding, and I see no proof.

dredgewalker2596d ago

Maybe you looked at the pudding and instead you found poop!

creamsoda2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

treyarch talks alot of smack don't they.

treyarch your engine runs on an outdated recycled quake engine with shitty hit detection. get off your lazy asses and use the hundreds of millions of dollars you ripped off people to make a better one instead of talking sh*t about how great your engine is which you didn't even make. lol.

Even the Source engine is better than the crappy one they use for COD.

jrbeerman112596d ago

I was about to say, at least people die in BFBC2 when you shoot them.

They can't get shooting right in a shooter. Its like the jump button jumping different heights every time you press it in Mario Bros.

frostypants2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Probably the biggest complaint against the BF series is that it has always had horrendous hit detection. ALL of them.

I love the BF games...I play the hell out of BFBC2. BUT...Black Ops has far better hit detection. You just don't notice the issue in BFBC2 quite as much because face-to-face firefights are far more rare.