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The diverse mechanics that combine to make Homefront's multiplayer what it is may be familiar to genre veterans, but they are well integrated and achieve a nice balance. Matches in Homefront don't feel quite like matches in other games, and there's enough depth here to fuel plenty of hours of combat. Yet, the best part of Homefront is the thoughtful and thorough vision of the future laid out by the campaign. It's rare to have a shooter pay this much attention to its setting, and the results are some remarkably memorable moments that are often nicely emphasized by the soundtrack. It squanders a lot of potential for greatness, but Homefront's campaign still fuels much of the game's appeal, helping to distinguish it among a crowded field of competitors.

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Game0N2536d ago

poor THQ, i hope many people buy this game. This (would be) franchise has plenty of potential. I didn't play the game but it does seem that emotionally it's not resonating with a lot of people which was...kind of their goal? Anyhow, Still waiting for blockbuster to have it in stock ><

Hagaf222536d ago

I've only got about 2 hours of play time in the multiplayer and its fun. It's definitely not perfect. Spawn killing is an issue and choppers are extremely over powered when you have unguided rockets to shoot at it. But I'm enjoying it thus far.

sickbird2536d ago

id like them to speed up the movement speed, i feel like im pushing my character along.

Shackdaddy8362536d ago

Ya. Ive been playin it for 6 hours now and my only gripe is that there isn't enough maps. Everything else is good though...

yog-sothot2536d ago

On one hand, I want this game to succeed because I think THQ did some good stuff lately on the hardcore side of gaming (in these days and age where many publishers have wet dreams of f***g facebook games)

But on the other hand, the sooner the publishers learn that this industry does not need another boring COD clone, the better

MGRogue20172536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I'm giving it a pass.. anyone else doing the same?

I already own Bad Company 2 which is pretty similar to it.. & Crysis 2 is out next week.. Might as well buy that instead. :)

Having said that.. I may buy it later on in the year when it's cheaper.. & if there are still alot of people playing it.

dkgshiz2536d ago

I would pass on both Crysis 2 and Homefront. Wait for something that brings a lot to the table. Thats what I am doing. I'm tired of blowing $60 on games that I play for maybe a week or so then never return to them again. Renting is saving my tons on games that I would of probably got bored of in 4 days.

Chapulin2536d ago

I wanna try it but K3 still taking so much of my time.

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