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Thisisxbox writes: "BioWare’s, Dragon Age II continues in the mythical world of Thedas and tells the story of Hawke, who fled the land of Ferelden during the original Dragon Age: Origins. Arriving in the neighbouring state of Kirkwall as a refugee, your role is to fight for survival, gather the deadliest of allies, earn your coin and rise to power over an in-game period of ten years in the land of Free Marches. If you have saved games from Dragon Age: Origins and/or its DLC content, this will affect the back story for Dragon Age II to include more history."

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denero12623d ago

another good review that will be ignored -_-

TheDeadMetalhead2623d ago

Because you can't trust any of them anyway.

denero12623d ago

yeah but you can trust trolls going around saying the game sucks but haven't actually gotten the game -_-

DoomBlackDragon2623d ago

It not really trolling if they are telling the true. The game has been out for a week and I complete a full 100% of it 3 times with 100% acheviements. As well a a full play through on nightmare setting. The game is short. Poorly made. The game reuse everything. It feels very unfished and unpolished. This Reveiw is most likly been paid to say this grabage. The game is not worth buying. A rental at best.

thisisxbox2623d ago

I dont think it has been poorly made, and I wasn't paid to say what I wrote... I think the difference with Dragon Age II is that it has been made to appeal to a more wider audience and more casual gameplayer. It's definitely going to get the Mass Effect fans approval, and it's only really disliked (from what I've read most sites) by those who loved the original.

It's not graphically all that impressive, but it does keep you hooked. I loved it...

DoomBlackDragon2622d ago

Well that seems the be the problem right there. DAO was a hardcore fanticy game. Base heavly around Dungeons and Dragons. It was not this casual game at all. It had alot of heavy core elements. If I am a blood mage. I want my allies to frown on me. I want poepl to say that I am evil and all that stuff like in DOA. If I am a templare I want mages to be very hostile to me. This is one of the problems with DA2. People did not care at all what I did or who I was. Rich nobles did not try to butter me up for being an assassin. People did not care that I was doing blood mage. Mages did not run or act hostile for me being a templare. DOA people notice what unlock you took. Second of DOA compains actully felt like real people. The would talk with me even if they did not have a quest. DA2 your compains where nothing more then side quest givers that may or may not have something to do with the main plot. What worse of all. Once you hit 100% friend/rival that was it. I felt it was poorly made for me to have the caption of the city gaurds as my best friend. Only for me to run around making all the evil options that I know would piss her off. Just for her to turn a blind eye to my evil action. DOA even if someone was my best friend. They could still turn on me and attack me for my evil or good action. Combat was rather badly made where mobs would spawn and just stand around doing nothing. Half the time the mob would not even release it was being attack tell it was half way dead. You can not tell me that you loved how the reused the same cave/home/ruin/warehouse ect. over and over. only to block off a door forcing you to play the way they wanted you to play. Your option did not matter. Importing games only added a few extra mini quest. For 60 dollars. Ambushes are now story based. So there are only like 2. No real random events like in DAO. Once you set up your tatics the game basicly played it self on any setting. Final boss felt very much like a copy and pass of the final boss in Mass Effect 1.

Point being you can not take a hardcore rp game and turn into a Casual Medievil Mass Effect game. Yes I know it was build for the 360. Bioware might as well just gone off and said. We suck at making games now. Happy wasting your money on this.

Do not buy this game. Look on the forums. There are alot of fans giving BW alot of flak because of had bad this game is.

denero12620d ago

thank you sir for coming out and defending your review

when they make jokes like this it discredits reviewers