Bitmob: A review paradox: When franchises become genres

Bitmob Community Writer Matt Polen: When a franchise has been around long enough, it can get harder and harder to write a good review. In this article I explore what problems reviewers run into and what they can do to work around them.

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choadley2657d ago

This is a tough conundrum. Fans know what they want from a series, but at the same time every new Zelda is someone's first, and it's not helpful to them or more casual fans if people just compare it to Ocarina of Time/Link to the Past.

SybaRat2657d ago

Ultimately, I think the goal is to either judge for yourself without any preconceptions, or to find a reviewer whose tastes come close to your own, and take their reviews as well-meant advise.

driftglass2657d ago

I often judge a game on what it actually does, outside of a comparison to prior outings. There's a time and place for discussing a game's place in a series' lineage but a review isn't always going to be the right one.

The article does raise some good points that reviewers (especially new ones) could to well to think over.

PhoenixDevil2657d ago

Agree with the concept and I can see the problem. Personally I think there shouldn't be score reviews, that way people have to actually read the whole thing and judge for themselves, there also then more likely to look at multiple reviews as they may find that something they wanted to know about the game wasn't in that review