Black Ops Patch 1.07 (?) Live on Nintendo Wii

Treyarch has patched the Nintendo Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's not sure whether this patch is called 1.07, but I'll go for it anyways.

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plb2561d ago

Protip: It fixes nothing

Titanz2561d ago

It's the thought that counts.

PlayerX2561d ago

Protip: Ignore the bitter ps3 drone.

Titanz2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

I'm gonna add you.

I say - let the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii fans join forces, so we can eradicate gamings threating "drone" outbreak.

PlayerX2561d ago

I have all consoles. I just can't stand the n4g drones.

Titanz2561d ago

• Fixed issue where players were taking damage from falls with Light Weight Pro equipped
• Fixed an issue where leader board would go into hang state if the user has 50+ allies
• Enemy turrets now glow when the hacker pro perk is equipped
• Team mates who are in your party will show up as blue on your mini map
• Improvements made in the matchmaking service
• Prevention of exploit that allowed players to keep custom classes and killstreaks after prestige.
• Flak Jacket Pro will now protect against napalm strikes
• Contracts will now reset when a player prestiges
• Melee attack radius has been optimized
• Spawn points have been adjusted in Havana – this should prevent the spawn killing in the Demolition game type
• Player can no longer load the thunder gun manually – Matches PS360 functionality
• Zombies Melee damage has been adjusted to match PS360 behavior
• Fixed issue where the player can complete "The Shortcut" challenge by climbing down a tall ladder
• Improved Zombie pathing. Zombies should no longer switch directions randomly, teleport through floors, walls, etc.
• Fix for the 3 weapon exploit when using the last grenade
• Implemented a way to create a new private party while in a public lobby for when the lobby leader has disbanded the private party.
• Fix to prevent a player from re-rolling the SAM or Sentry drops
• Resolved issues where the player could leave the following maps: Havana, Summit, Hanoi
• Second Chance – players that put an enemy into Second Chance are now credited for a full kill once that enemy dies. If another player kills the enemy while the enemy is in Second Chance, they will get assist credit.

You were saying? :P