LA Noire gets MA15+ rating in Australia

Rockstar's LA Noire did not get refused classification - the only option for games deemed 'adult only' - in Australia, despite showing naked, mutilated dead girls. Once again, proving how ridiculous Australia's classification system is.

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Bear_Grylls2654d ago

Better than getting banned...

Aussiegamer2653d ago

Yeah true that mate. Im over all this crap about not giving Australia a R18+ rating for games. Movies get it so why not games.

distorted_reality2653d ago

Because up until now we've lived in a very old school, rabidly anti-progressive society, terrified of change.

That's changing now - and the change can't come quick enough.

hellzsupernova2653d ago

lol wow so 15 year olds can see murdered people and stuff wow gotta love the christian lobby group tryig to stop the 18+ rating

NaiNaiNai2653d ago

so this is okay.

but mortal kombat isn't?

yea what ever 9.9

distorted_reality2653d ago

MK has been the poster boy for excessive video game violence down here since I was a kid, it was no surprise at all that it got RC'd.

Led-Zeppelin2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Dude in Mortal combat you can cut peoples limbs off in clear view with high detail. Its got EXTREME Gore content. You can rip people hearts out or slash their brains out of their skull, and this isn't using mutated monsters but life like human figures. No fancy blury camera views or tricks, Its up in your face NO BS gore. It goes waaaay overboard even though its unrealistic. Not complaining though.

Commando472653d ago

I seriously doubted that this would get a Refusal of Classification considering a large segment of this game was made in Australia itself.

ChronoJoe2653d ago

Taking 'mutilated dead girls' out of context like that is poor journalism. There's content like that on daytime television deemed PG 13, and it's because the way these shows handle the mature content.

Tottigamer2652d ago

Fully naked mutilated dead girls, ChronoJoe? I don't think I've ever seen pubic hair on a day time tv murder mystery. I don't even think you get to see nipples until after 9:30. Ironic that you would say I've taken anything out of context when you're taking what I said out of context by lopping words off.

ChronoJoe2652d ago

Meh, maybe TV deemed 15+.

If you're the author, you live in australlia correct? so yeah... considering you're so far behind the rest of the developed world in regards to censoring I'm not surprised what you, haven't seen.

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