OXCGN’s Bulletstorm Review: Is It Only for “Dudebros” Generation?


"Mainstream multiplayer gaming, particularly within the ranks of Call of Duty (and similar titles), has led to what we call the “dudebro” generation.

"A “dudebro” is your generic fratboy gamer, particularly those who play nothing but Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War.

"Bulletstorm is a game made by dudebros and for dudebros."

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XboxOZ3602652d ago

There does seem to be a common denominator with games like this, and it seems Epic can not break out of it. Perhaps due mainly to the fact Cliff Bleszenski is a rampant FPS with a flair for OTT style gameplay. So anything 'sensible' is out of the question.

I think Gears Of War 3 will just be much of the same somehow, with little or no real innovation from GoW2.

There's nothing wrong of course with this style of gameplay, but when it's hyped towards being something else, like having a storyline (lol) then that's perhaps asking too much .

Looks like fun, but probably would grow tired of it 'really' fast.

Proeliator2652d ago

Most of the environments are linear anyway.

And you can't start a new game with your unlocked stuff.

gaminoz2652d ago

I'm all for old-school quick shooting just for fun like Timesplitters, but a gore-fest with uninspiring environments that exciting?

I say no.

In the words of their Call of Duy spoof: "boring...boring...boring ..."

BadCircuit2652d ago

lol...harsh, but true. What made Timesplitters so much fun was the time travel, the spoofiness, wild locales and characters, and the so fun multi.

This is like fast food for gaming. That Duty Calls spoof they did was brilliant though.

Belgavion2651d ago

seems this game is hovering around 7-8s only. I'll probably just play it for the toilet humour

XboxOZ3602651d ago

Actually, it reminds me of another New IP heading our way looking remarkably as foolish and uneventful - that being GunLoco . . .

Which is set in semi-futuristic prison style madcap gun-totting free-for-all with no storyline or plot to speak of, and just all out rampage, guns-blazing and lots of loilet humour, yet again.

Of course it will have a heavy MP aspect, which these games basically rely on these days.

Gone are the days of decent story-driven games. Chris Stead, Editor of Game Informer Australia covers this very nicely in the latest edition (issue #16) of the Aust issue with Saints Row The Third on the cover.

Grab it and check out his editorial.