Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Is In Every Game I Play

More and more games allow you to personalize your avatar. You can customize his or her face, gender, ethnicity and clothing to suit your preference. Who do you normally create is situations like this?

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stonecold32410d ago

stone cold rocks and hes a legend peace out ?

DanSolo2410d ago

Yeah you have got to love Austin, he is the man!

munish232410d ago

Haven't watched wrestling since Stone Cold and Rock left. They were WWE.

alien6262410d ago

same here but do u know thye are back? just for wrestlemania but bring back memories

DlocDaBudSmoka2409d ago

stone cold is back to host ToughEnough. so he'll be back for at least 10 weeks.

SixZeroFour2409d ago

and the rock says hes back for good and not just to promote a we'll see what happens with him and wwe after wrestlemania

munish232409d ago

I saw a bit of that, but its not like they're actually going to fight. I might watch wrestlemania though, i have a feeling someone is going to get the people's elbow.

Shazz2410d ago

the rock and austin made wwe epic , cena has since ruined it

renegade2410d ago

I miss the attitude era.

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The story is too old to be commented.