Joystiq: Free Dance Central with 4GB Kinect Xbox purchase on Amazon

Dance Central is clearly stamped with a "Requires Kinect Sensor" label, but the opposite is also true: Kinect requires Dance Central. Amazon is proving this point -- for a limited time, while supplies last -- by offering Dance Central for free (along with a bonus 240 Microsoft Points -- hello Paula Abdul!) with purchase of the 4GB Xbox 360 system bundle with Kinect, which already includes Kinect Adventures. Check out Amazon's promotion page for more details.

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ZeroX98762657d ago

already bought my kinect, but for new consumers, it's a nice addon!

CaptainGreece2657d ago

I'm going to comment for Raven_Nomad: Wow what a great deal Dance Central is one of the best games ever.

dragonslayer912657d ago

Here's a rather unique idea for a new shooter on the 360.

How about they make a Call of Duty type game where you can sit in another room and snipe the lame bunch of guys you see wiggling through Dance Central.

Day one purchase for me.