Homefront - Team Deathmatch Gameplay Part I

It's kill or be killed on American turf in Homefront's Team Deathmatch.

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Rearden2595d ago

I'm sorry to say, but Homefront multiplayer looks really uninteresting.

Bear_Grylls2594d ago

Looks like Black Ops with APC's. Which is not a good thing.

sickbird2594d ago

it doesnt play like black ops at all. Its better than 90% of multiplayer games this gen.

Pixel_Pusher2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Homefront's MP graphics look better than Crysis 2. bwahahaha!

Gamer_Z2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

hought so too, it’s Black Ops but with a future twist. I still want to give it a try.

evrfighter2594d ago

"Its better than 90% of multiplayer games this gen. "

says alot about this gen then :)

only online game worth anything this gen has been cod4. everything else has been crap. and ya cod4 still looks better than this.

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moparful992594d ago

It def lacks that extra polish but still looks fun.. I might give it a go..

therapist2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

thats only in 900p (1600x900p)
and it still destroys every console game ever made graphically!

The Mp is GREAT so far, at level 9 after and hour and a half, really cool and fluid, runs all settings maxed in 1080p at about 70-90 frames per second and is beautiful on all maps except farm whiich loooks like a crappy cod game and thats what a lot of vids are of.

the console versions are in terrible shape with the 360 looking like is was dunked in a giant vat of vasaline and the ps3 version looking like it has never even heard of anti aliasing.


Wait till you see how terrible battlefield 3 looks on console, hopefully then people will stop saying, the ps3 will be sweet till 2015

we need a ps4 now and the xbox720 last year!!

Bear_Grylls2594d ago

"thats only in 900p (1600x900p)
and it still destroys every console game ever made graphically!"

I want some of what you have been smoking mate. I am all for new consoles but FANBOY much. Why say you need new consoles if this is the best thing ever?

therapist2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

cause i love my console too, i still play my ps2 dude, rocking star ocean and nightmare of druaga, i have a 360 again, just rebought a refurb with a 3 year warranty for 190 bucks from best buy (sold my o.g. replacement 360 a while back after reach), had a ps3 since launch, ds, psp, iphone, 2 gaming pc's and a laptop for diablo 2 and old school games.

I just think the gap between pc and consoles has grown so large, it is time, and the manufactures are milking people with lame kinect and move garbage

make new consoles so i can freakin but em like i always do!!

ASSASSYN 36o2594d ago

The control is boo boo. WTF is up with being stuck with 'B', as crouch!? Very odd.