Homefront - Team Deathmatch Gameplay Part II

The battle ensues in classic Team Deathmatch style in Homefront's multiplayer mode.

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BigKev452685d ago

Brought the game yesterday. The graphics bring me back to the ps2 days.

GrieverSoul2685d ago


The killer thing for me is the grenade throw... I mean, really?!? They coulnd made a better animation for that?! Its almost a high five type of movement...

Biggest2685d ago

Um. . . Are we sure that was Homefront? It looks more like Modern Warfare with a new map.

WetN00dle692685d ago

AT least it looks leap and bounds better than Haze's throwing animation.

Biggest2685d ago

Will that still be the fallback excuse 15 years from now? No one cares about Haze, bro.

plb2685d ago

Grenade throwing looks so odd.

FudgeBear2685d ago

Sadly, a game that is highly underrated. :(

Lekumkee2685d ago ShowReplies(4)
DelbertGrady2685d ago

The map design looks really good. I can't wait to play it on friday.

@BigKev45 - There's nothing in that video that looks like something a PS2 could handle. Maybe if you play the game it actually turns out to be, you know, fun?

plb2685d ago

This is the one bit I agree with. Really like the looks of the maps in the game but I still won't purchase it.

Gamer_Z2685d ago

This game reminds me of "Duty Calls"