ESRB breakdowns say 5 percent of games were rated M in 2010

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has published its annual breakdown of classifications it applied to 2010's video game releases, arranged in the delicious-looking pie chart posted above. As you can see, Mature games made up a surprisingly small sliver of the whole -- only 5 percent of the 1,638 games rated last year received an "M" rating, a drop in the bucket compared to the 55 percent of games that received an "E" designation.

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SactoGamer2538d ago

The "E" games are probably over-represented because of shoveware. ((Speculation))

PirateThom2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Wouldn't think it's that crazy, as far as speculation goes.

I'd say, if you took a certain Meta score of games (say, 75+) and took those games only, you'd probably see a higher percentage of M and T games.

Fromrio2538d ago

good point - but I wonder what the breakdown of ratings is by system

lzim2538d ago

but don't that just s'plain it all. However, that %5 wants to claim that it represents that biggest chunk of the thousands of millions that gaming racks in, just isn't.

really wish consoles would refocus to allow for more casual games where appropriate (WiiHD) but make it easier to make and support bigger games that have a wide appeal Xbox 3).

f7897902538d ago

I like the chart because it includes rated E shovelware. It will keep parents and the media quiet.