Homefront Walkthrough

VGB: An Homefront walkthrough that guides you through the difficult moments of gameplay in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game. The tips and videos will show how to get through the story chapters in this newest war FPS game from THQ.

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2628d ago
Dlacy13g2628d ago

Sadly Homefronts biggest failure is that the graphics on this game are such that most reviewers and consumers just cant look past it enough to see there is a good game here. Had this game had stunning visuals I think most of the other nit picks that have been sighted would have been given a much less harsh critisism. You need look no further than Blops or KZ3 to see examples of good games with major flaws getting the pass to get great scores because they look good. (I know my opinion is in the minority on this...but i think its pretty clear their is a bias in the media towards games that look pretty)

iLemon2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

You're exactly right. I think it's more of a 4/5 on the PC because of the better graphic options. I love how they have basically reinvented alot of multiplayer types and components that I've seen in recent FPS and made it their own. It seems like they double-down'd KFC style on the gameplay and thought people could look past the graphics. This might of worked a couple months ago before experiencing KZ3, BF3, and Crysis 2.

silver-surfer2628d ago

Cheap man, very cheap in-deed! Simply publishing someone elses videos as your own content and then promoting the fact you have done that here is as cheap as it can get, is now a blocked site in my router!

AvidGamerrrr2628d ago

It's what they do. The entire site is this way.