Live Stream And Commentary For Homefront Along With A Chance To Play It Tonight!

GameBlurb writes, "Every week the staff members of GameBlurb get together and put on a show for the viewers on upcoming games. We’ll answer questions, give our impressions and giving away plenty of GBPoints during the show."

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thekillerchrist2597d ago

I've been on the fence with this one.

Bay2597d ago

Heard the game is really short. Imagine short enough to finish on the stream? xD

darkecho2597d ago

This is such a cool feature. I love that they let you play their games remotely.

liquidxtension2597d ago

Heard the story was good so its a rent for me.

junk3d2597d ago

Hopefully i'll get to try that out tonight.

MicrocutsX22597d ago

A friend of mine said the game's multiplayer was actually good...either he has bad taste or he ain't lying. Guess I'll check this out tonight and see for it myself.

ASSASSYN 36o2597d ago

Severs are down. How convient. (7:59cst)

MicrocutsX22597d ago

What do you mean? It starts at 9:30 EST there's still a half hour left.

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