Amazon Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Video Game Sale Live

"For a limited time at Amazon, purchase one or more games from the list below and get 50% off the lowest priced qualifying game.

To qualify, add any two items, listed below, into your cart and checkout"

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RonaldRaygun2679d ago

Ugh...I literally just bought ACB on Amazon for someone yesterday =/

zeeshan8102679d ago

Bulletstorm & Dead Space 2. :P

schlanz2678d ago

Hmm... not bad. If I weren't too occupied with trying to finish Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, Dragon Age 2, SMG2, and Radiant Historia.... I'd be totally on-board with MLB Show 11 and ACB.

By the time I'm done with all these I'll be able to get them for 30-35 a piece anyway. No impulse buy for me today.