Ubisoft: Call of Juarez Could Return To Classical Wild West

After two games in the classical Wild West setting, Ubisoft and Techland decided to move the third installment into the modern day, with Call of Juarez: The Cartel. They won't discount going back to the classical Wild West with future titles though.

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ShawnCollier2686d ago

I can already see the comments the game would get if they did that.

JDouglasGU2686d ago

will be interesting to see how the modern setting is received for such a sensitive issue.

mephman2686d ago

They seem pretty confident that their fans will like it, but the Wild West setting was what drew their fans to the title. Tough.

fozzness2686d ago

hmmm.. seems interesting... almost like an inbetween part of western movies... and star wars.. :-P

mephman2686d ago

Maybe Space Western will be the next step. Space FPS has been rumoured as the future of the genre. :p

HebrewHammer2686d ago

I suggest they stay away from an old western theme. Red Dead owns it now.

Reborn2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Regardless of direction, I'm still interested in how this one turns out.

I didn't really get my hands on the first(?)

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