Sony Shows Heart

NextGN writes: "Last Friday I wrote an article about how it would be in Sony’s best interest to postpone the release of their upcoming title, Motorstorm: Apocalypse. Despite many angry gamers disagreeing with me and sending emails calling me a moron, and what-not, Sony decided that postponing the title was the right thing to do.

Here are some reasons why delaying the game is both good for gamers and Sony."

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LittleBigHalo2683d ago

At least they didn't cancel it like some developers did. Phhheeww!

KillerCucumber2682d ago

I can't believe the people who called this guy a moron for suggesting that Sony should delay Apocalypse. Well, at least Sony did delay it, so he wasn't a moron like that guy said. :)

TheMrMadzen2682d ago

Just got the game. It's awesome!:P

nix2682d ago

well.. i'm getting mine today. that much i know. ((:

KingPin2682d ago

not to sound selfish or anything, but what does postponing an apocolyptic game got to do with japan disaster. back in the day, america went to war with iraq and it was fine to play M.O.H and C.O.D. dont get me wrong, i feel bad for the millions suffering, but postponing a game means nothing. if thats the case, crime in South Africa high, why not postpone GTA worldwide. millions of people are getting affected by it daily but its not a big deal to the rest of the world right?

Kitchen_Sink2682d ago

It's a bit of both. First of all, Sony is a Japanese company... I am sure some of the people behind this decision are personal moved by the disaster. Secondly, it would be just plain and simply cold to release it now. Creating hype int he process is just a plus.. call it karma, if you will.,

iamnsuperman2682d ago

I bet it is more to do with sales really not sympathy. The last thing Japanese people are worried about right now is games when they have rolling blackouts.

FudgeBear2682d ago

A nuclear disaster means a gaming disaster :(