As the Downloadable Space Expands, NPD Paints a False Image

NPD group has long been a part of the game industry, making the headlines of monthly news reports with their successes and failures. But with the downloadable game space becoming more and more prevalent and NPD refusing to track more than just retail sales, these reports are becoming not only unreliable, but also harmful to companies that have started to focus on emerging markets.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2499d ago

I dont think its as accurate for the overall strength of the industry tho, because theres alot more DL of games going on right now than ever.

The video game industry is not just physical copies, hardware and accessories anymore. Downloaded games and DLC are a huge part of the industry now.

B1663r2499d ago

It is hard for even me to think about video game sales in light of the quadruple meltdown that will certainly happen in the coming days in light of the last remaining workers being evacuated from the diachi power plant.

It is time to consider the following proposition...

Gather all the worlds cruse ships, load up all the japanese people and bring them on over to America. You guys are welcome here, as long as you switch to xbox brand video games.

Having said that, the combined forces of the USA and Japan would be unstoppable, we could move to world dominion in a couple of years!!!

Nes_Daze2499d ago

I don't know which part sounds more unreasonable, the Japanese switching to the xbox brand or the U.S. and Japanese conquering the world...

B1663r2499d ago

Had you told me a single week ago that the world would end in the next week in a quadruple china syndrom melt down... Well... I would have said you were bat poop crazy, but here we are.

My prayers go out for the souls of ps3 users everywhere...

Bathyj2499d ago

I think the Japanese would rather take their chances with the reactors.

StbI9902499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

SHUT DEEEEEEE FFFFFFFFFFFFFF ( as long as you switch to xbox brand video games.) LMFAO, don´t know you, but nintendo & Sony > sucksbox anyday.

Would love to see japangas on my country tho xD

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Rageanitus2499d ago

say hello to STEAM

something console fanboys fail to realize

hellzsupernova2499d ago

except the ps3 fanboys who are getting steam soon. thanks vavle. the potential is endless but i htink it will a ps+ thing.

and yeah the end is nigh for game retailers.
I freaking love steam!!!

Rageanitus2499d ago

as long as they can cross platform games... this is hopes they encourage the use of mouse and keyboard.

zag2499d ago

Just about all if not all PC games released at the store these days are steam releases on the CD so having NPD even saying they are tracking PC game sales is really far fetched these days.

As all these steam install games won't work unless you are online and able to connect to steam.

Stealth20k2498d ago

the only thing it misses thats important for US sales

are online stores like amazon, walmart, ect

athmaus2498d ago

Hmmm intesting article...good read