Technical Problems Present in Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack

Having trouble playing the recently released Halo: Reach Defiant map pack? You’re not alone. A bizarre tech issue has reared its head. The problem is linked with the number of Marketplace Content items you can have active for Halo: Reach at any one given time (currently, three content items). So if you’re breaching that limit with exclusive armor, Bungie Pro, or other map packs, the Defiant pack won’t function correctly.

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m232537d ago

Just played some last night, didn't really have any problems though. Overall the maps were pretty good, good job 343i.

athmaus2537d ago

Never purchased a map pack before...

sickpup2537d ago

I have both maps packs, and all the DLC from the legendary edition and I am not experiencing any problems. The Load Failure has been a problem since the last map pack and is not specific to this DLC. The cause may be storing the maps on removable storage but we shall wait and see. Personally I don't see why everyone just doesn't spend the $60 and get a 250GB HDD. I would like to see the next Xbox have at least a 1TB and a built in TV Tuner with DVR features. Only seems logical since HDDs are dirt cheap and Microsoft is already exploring the TV area.