PowerUP Heroes listed by Ubisoft as Kinect Avatar brawler

After the dismal Fighters Uncaged, the words "Ubisoft," "Kinect" and "fighting" have not been uttered in the same sentence here at the 'Stiq, for fear of summoning a sequel to the game. We must now use them, though, to describe what Ubisoft has -- perhaps unintentionally -- revealed via its web store: a Kinect fighting game called PowerUP Heroes coming "summer 2011."

According to the description provided, the title will let players transform their Xbox 360 Avatars into superheroes, acquiring the abilities of defeated foes by taking their "super suits," Mega Man style. Mentioned are a necromancer suit that summons skeletons and a mentalist getup that can "break into your enemy's mind."

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Stealth20k2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

yay more casual shovelware crap

its sad 360 users get this instead of a real exclusive fighting game

Infernostew2658d ago

Ubisoft are the shovelware kings.

Raven_Nomad2657d ago

It doesn't sound too bad, I'll have to withhold judgement until I actually get to try it.

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UnRated2657d ago

Wait? Whats wrong with Raven's comment? Shouldn't Tombstone be the one with the disagrees since he out right attacked him?

Bigpappy2657d ago

Good to see some one else around here with an opened mind. These guys around here would have you live in a bubble like they do. If there are no bullet and shinny graphics, you are not allowed to have an interest in it. Bubbles Raven! Welcome to the darkside. Good luck holding on to your bubbles. These PS3 guys hate hard when you mention Kinect.

msbabie200342657d ago

raven- this is n4g, you aren't "allowed" to like your 360, xbox live, and or kinect on this site. you are also not suppose to spend YOUR MONEY on things you want to spend it on. the ps3 fan boys are the ones to tell you how to do that, and make your mind up for you.

anyways, lol and have a good one. oh and dare i say enjoy your 360 :)

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krisq2657d ago

Screw core gamers. Avatar brawling is where it's at!