XBLA sales are highlight of Marketplace updates in back half of March

Major Nelson has posted some upcoming Xbox Marketplace releases and sales for the rest of March; notably detailing the remaining Deals of the Week and dating the obscure Islands of Wakfu (pictured) and the even more obscure Seisou Kouki Strania. The complete schedule is posted after the break.

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methodman782682d ago

some really good looking stuff coming on XBLA (not Ghostbusters)

AAACE52681d ago

Bad thing is, people keep saying 360 doesn't have games coming out this year! Well, they do, it's just that the majority of them are downloads.

I hope E3 produces more, because i'm still not sold on downloads!

By the way, I noticed they are still putting games in Games on Demand earlier and earlier. Just put up Halo Reach this week! I can see them pushing to have games released as downloads on day 1! I also see them throwing a trick in there as well.

Seeing how the games will take a long time to download. They will probably release them a day before the retail copy in an effort to boost sales of the download services.

This, combined with the new tech announcements for 360, are how I think they will make the 360 last a few more years!