7.0 Homefront Review

Home is where the war is, that is what the marketing campaign for Homefront would have you believe. With a rich tapestry of fiction behind it (including a novel by John Milius), Homefront creates an entirely new world for the player to experience. A world that has hidden connotations alluding to a possible future full of anguish and pain, reminding us all that we are never safe from the people who would choose to forcibly remove our freedom.

Homefront is also a first person shooter, of which there are a genuine bounty to choose from. The likes of Killzone 3, Halo and Call of Duty have not only captured people’s imaginations when it comes to gameplay, but story as well. Should you care about Homefront? Is it vital? Read on to find out.

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SnukaTheMan2564d ago

Not to happy with the reminds me of battlefield 2....right along with having to buy a battle code when you buy it used....sadly i am hearing the story is short.

SwampCroc2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

from what I heard at Gamestop when I got this... the clerk was saying something about another company starting to go the Code route... they believe it is to compete with the "Used" game market. as in you need to buy a new copy of the game to have the code or if you purchase a used copy you must than purchase a new standalone code as the previous code that originally came with it is spent...

or something like that... I dunno I was so blazed when I went in there.

SnukaTheMan2563d ago

buying it used you need to purchase a battle code.....

chriski3332564d ago

Well played at bit of story mode I liked it but the voice acting sucked then jumped on Mp at first was abit hard but got used to it only problem I have is they should fix the hit detection not saying it sucks just need alittle tuning

ghostgaming2564d ago

Game is ok - have not started MP yet, single player as said is solid. There are definitely some things to be worked on, but I think the foundation is there.

SwampCroc2564d ago

MP is fun from the times I've played... but there are some serious things going on currently...

they are adding more dedicated servers...

as of 2:30 am or something PST... they are aware of the PS3 freezing issues happening on MP... it's on the Homefront Website forums...

so as of right now, I'm kind of afraid to play it... I want to play it... But, it has already frozen my PS3 4 times...

However, I haven't experienced problems in SP... But, I've heard of people having problems there aswell....

outside of technical issues, I'm pleased with it.

CBaoth2564d ago

Between a 5/6 more like it. Now graphics aren't the most important aspect in a game but my god is it an ugly game. So much so it affects the immersion value of the story. I'd barely concede the PC version's visuals are even current gen at the moment.

Gameplay is decent, but like professional reviewers have noted, EVERYTHING is cliched. And unfortunately, most older games have done it better, a lot better. The MP, also affected by the game's ugly visuals, has potential but is ultimately marred by poorly designed levels. They're just not fun. Seems to be the trend these days.

Hopefully, THQ learns from this. You can't create, publish and market a AAA game with a A budget.