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Blad3star2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Amazing Trailer

So what I got from the trailer is that the protagonist is an x-navy seal that has been falsely accused of a crime he did not commit.

Judging by the memory spinet they showed looks like he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time — in line at the bank when it got robbed, or riding in the same subway car as a murder is committed and happens to look exactly like the guy who did it. Maybe some one has deliberately sent an Evil Twin to frame him. Maybe it's a Government Conspiracy to silence him because he knows too much.

Whatever the root cause, the phony evidence is so convincing, or the convergence of bad luck that makes him look guilty is so unlikely, our hero finds himself struggling to convince anyone that he is an innocent man. Even his own friends seem ready to write him off guilty as charged. (With this belief sometimes persisting to the point of What An Idiot.)

The only way he can set this Miscarriage Of Justice straight is to find the real criminal and bring him to justice. This can take an episode or two, or it can be the premise behind an ongoing arc.

Sometimes this can be resolved while the hero is out on bail, or perhaps it has to wait until he completes his sentence. If he's supposed to be in jail, then it also becomes a Stern Chase. If they're in jail and put in a Deadly Game or Blood Sport, they become a Condemned Contestant.

If the protagonist actually commits some crimes in the course of trying to clear his name, then he will likely benefit from Wrongful Accusation Insurance — though most of them obey Would Not Shoot A Good Guy. Selective Condemnation is an extremely contrived Video Game variant.

If the hero has to clear someone else who has been wrongfully accused of a crime, it's Clear Their Name. When the hero accuses the (innocent) villain of wrongdoing, it's Not Me This Time.

darthv722653d ago

it felt like a distant cousin to duke 3d in some ways.

BakedGoods2653d ago

Prey was one of the first 360 games I attempted a 1000.


lowcarb2653d ago

A few guys I know didn't care for the visuals but in all honesty this is the 1 sequel I'm truly excited and looking forward to.

Elven62653d ago

In the 90s Prey was in development at 3D Realms but they eventually sent it off to Human Head to finish development so that explains the "Duke" element.

malamdra2653d ago

is this the one with indian?

EVILDEAD3602653d ago


Been waiting forever to see if we'd get a sequel...

Life is good..

Great of my all-time fave games this gen...

Coffin872652d ago

Yeah the first one was sooo good. Maybe a little linear.. but who cares?? It was gory, had *amazing* graphics.. I loved it a lot.
Great to see a sequel is coming. The trailer caputres the mood of the first 5 minutes of the first game really well. Seems like in this game we will play through the same Earth-enslaving events from a different perspective.
Wonder how they will implement the spiritual aspects then, when there's a different protagonist.
Can't wait to see more! =)

DFresh2653d ago

Live Action and no gameplay.
I still want to try out the first game on Steam.
Pretty sure you can get Prey for like $5-$10 now.

AnchorMan2653d ago

can't remember the first one

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