Genesis Classic Collection Launch Trailer

Looks like the cool folks over at Sega have decided to release the "Genesis Classic Collection" Gold Edtion. It's pretty much self explanatory but I'll explain anyway..

The collection will feature some of the best Sega titles from the Genesis era such as Sonic the Hedghehog and Altered Beast! Also there will be around 40 titles to choose from so lots of choice :D

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Orionsangel2537d ago

Yeah Sonic for one billionth time! Way to release the same titles you release on every compilation Sega, Zzz!

MrKingofVideoGames2537d ago

...and people complain that Nintendo milks their library...

Lamarthedancer2537d ago

I'm confused...

Isn't Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection the same thing ?

metsgaming2537d ago

basically i only saw like 3 different games the rest is on the ultimate collection.

RockmanII72537d ago

The difference is that that was for PS3/360 and this is for PC.

galgor2537d ago

I just realised you can't spell Genesis without Snes! xD

Liamario2537d ago

Sega are a joke. This collection is a joke and anyone who buys it is a joke

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The story is too old to be commented.