GameInformer: Top Spin 4 Review

While it’s not a revolution in video game tennis, Top Spin 4 provides both a mastery of the basics and the most comprehensive career mode to date. Throw in a strong roster of real-life professionals, a great online component, and Move functionality for the PS3, and this title is more than ready for center court.

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Bigpappy2624d ago

They are not going to sell well on 360 without Kinect support. They will know to put the effort into kinect. There are certain genre where Kinect should be a no brainer: Tennis and skating games just seem obvious to me. If you got Kinect to late, just delay the 360 version until you figure out how best to implement the device.

Those who doubt what I say should just watch as VT out sell this higher reviewed game even when it release first.

sashimi2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Who buys Kinect to play a tennis SiM...does not compute. Hell who would even play a SiM of any sport game with Kinect.

This will sell as well as previous iterations without kinect support.

Bigpappy2623d ago

Well before I answer what I think are questions, I was not aware that they were sports sims out their Kinect users to NOT BUY.

Now to defend my position, which I understand will fall on deaf ears: there are 10,000,000 Kinect users out there begging for more content to feed their new shinny toy. I know Tennis workds great on the device, because I have player tennis on the device and it felt much more immersive than I have ever felt playing a tennis game by pushing buttons on a controller. Tennis on Kinect Sports is a huge selling point for Kinect especially with core gamers who bought it. And yes, quite a few core gamers bought Kinect and Kinect sports.
Those Kinect gamers that they decided not to support this time around, could have given them the same 3mil sale that Kinect Sports got in just 4 months. Numbers they will never see with this controller only version.

LeonhartX2623d ago

wonderful game..breath taking

Jacobster2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Can't wait to get this! I hope it plays alright on the move and give me a workout playing Nadal on hard mode :D