Duke Nukem Forever, And the Resurgence of the "Fun" Shooter []

Glitchy Tasty's Jayce Diaz got a chance at PAX East to check out the latest build of Duke Nukem Forever, the long-awaited return of the respected franchise. He also got a chance to have a one on one interview with Adam Fletcher from Gearbox Software.

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Inzo2497d ago

The return of the KING baby!

TheMutator2497d ago

First day and Balls of Steel edition for XBOX 360

StanSmith2497d ago

Same here! Cannot wait to play as duke once again!

stevenhiggster2497d ago

It's not so much resurgance of the fun shooter. Just more like the death of generic modern army man shooters. Been done to death recently.

Sugreev20012497d ago

Everything is great if done in moderation.I love both the COD series and Battlefield series,but I love the FPS genre as a whole and I enjoy every sub-genre it offers.I admit the modern army shooters have been done to death,but success breeds clones and it's currently the most bankable sub-genre on the market.If Duke Nukem succeeds both critically and commercially then we might see hundreds of "funny" shooters on the way...until we get bored with them as well.

itsactuallyadam2497d ago

This is exactly what i want, when i first tried COD and MOH they were great, but just as this article says, over time the realism and gritty-ness along with stats, killed the fun completely and made playing the game (unless it had a worthwhile story) almost pointless, games like Duke, Bulletstrom and vanquish are bringing fun back to the FPS. Great article

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