SHIFT 2: Unleashed - PAX East 11: Out of Control Gameplay (Cam)

This driving experience is not for the meek! Check out the raw untamed power of this vehicle on the track of SHIFT 2: Unleashed at PAX East 2011.

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hennessey862657d ago

1. they have copied forza on the realtime suspension figures etc
2. get a ffffin decent driver.

aaaaaaaaa2656d ago

1 Forza copied it as well the suspension & tyre grip thing
2 I goto agree with you bad driver or he may never of used a force feedback wheel before

hennessey862656d ago

has had that since number one which was out way before shift

aaaaaaaaa2650d ago

forza wasnt out before live for speed on the pc or gtr and a few other sim racers, i think almost all games copy ideas from other games