Homefront Gets More Dedicated Servers; a Huge Demand by Fans

With Homefront now available in stores, KAOS revealed today that it needs more dedicated servers up to meet up with the demand.

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jbl3162534d ago

I guess people are playing the multiplayer portion of the game since the single player is only 5 hours long...

ShadyDevil2534d ago

Considering all the gameplay I have seen looks like garbage. I am simply speechless.

Ducky2534d ago

It isn't that impressive visually, but the actual gameplay is fun.

... Snipers are a bane on PC though.
No sway and hitscan + high-precision mouse = bodies hit the floor.

xstation792534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Why don't you actually play the fucking game before calling it garbage. Dumbass

2fk2534d ago

this game is very fun but it doesnt feel like its worth $60...i think ill buy it used after im done renting it

femshep2534d ago

this game is awesome glad it took off
story may have been short but it was excellent

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