Digital Spy: MotorStorm Apocalypse review

Digital Spy writes: "There's no denying that MotorStorm Apocalypse is a visual feast with some of the most imaginative level design in the history of the racing games. Unfortunately, these eye-popping stages don't always make the most functional race tracks, despite their adrenaline-pumping nature. Was it not for ropey handling and frustrating physics, this one might well have been a classic. That's not to say it won't strike a chord with sections of the PS3 demographic. Fans of off road action and the doomsday scenario will get more than a few kicks out of it. Others will come away hoping that Evolution strikes more of a balance between gameplay and aesthetics with the next entry in the series."

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xtremegamerage2679d ago

I think the review missed the point, there is no racing game on any other system that is as crazy as this one.

And calling hot pursuit's handling simulation is just ROFLX1000000000000000000000000 0000

`Between Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo 5, fans of simulation racers are well catered for'

For motorstorm fans, you'l love it. For others give it a try. No other game is like this one.

Nail'd is a complete and utter piece of crap.
Blur is a good game.
Split second is closer to home, but does not capture the arcade game the way motorstorm does.

snaz272678d ago

'For motorstorm fans, you'l love
it' hmmm well not actually true mate... I'm a big motorstorm fan and i actually believed it was a pretty big ace up sonys sleeve, as it was exclusive and such a great game... But i played the demo :-( it wasn't motorstorm anymore in my opinion, the handling was crap, the graphics sucked and it just wasn't fun, for me anyway... They totally ruined it as far as i'm concerned... I'm totally gutted if i'm honest :-(

MontyBurns2678d ago

Totally disagree. The handling is the best of the series (especially the buggy), the boost mechanics make for a deep and interesting racing experience, the cars are now sturdy enough for loads of side-by-side racing (unlike rift where they were made of balsa wood), and the graphics definitely don't suck.

B1663r2679d ago

Oh sweet, here is a game with the word apocalypse in the name being reviewed right as an actual real world apocalypse is happening!

I was kinda hoping for a zombie undead apocalypse, rather than the slow death of nuclear fallout apocalypse, but it will still be verry cool.

ThatIrishGamer2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

These are the guys that gave KZ3 3/5. . . and Lady Gaga Born This Way 5/5 :D

Pay no heed.

To be a journalist on DS you just need to collect 5 Cereal Tokens and send em in.

Lekumkee2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Something doesn't add up here Motorstorm: Apocalypse doesn't come out for another month 4-12-11 to be exact. How the F are these guys reviewing the game this early and no one else has?

I highly doubt Sony let them break embargo before sites like IGN/Eurogamer/Edge/Gamespot. And if what "aaronon" says is true it's obvious this site is trolling ps3 reviews.

Edit: NVM I see there are many review scores already for this game. Odd seeing reviews for a game 1 month away from release.

Objective2679d ago

Conspiracy theories much?