EA Hints at Wii 2, Says Wii is Now 'Legacy Platform'

Industry Gamer writes:
The Wii has seen steady declines in the last year or so, as the focus has shifted to HD consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. Publishers have clearly reallocated their resources to the HD platforms, but the one thing we've all learned is to never count Nintendo out. 3DS is currently in the spotlight, but Nintendo may soon announce an update to the Wii console (possibly by E3). Speaking to IndustryGamers, EA Games label head Frank Gibeau hinted at the fact that Nintendo knows the situation and is working on another platform.

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Shok2684d ago

First Itagaki, then THQ, and now EA have hinted at the Wii 2. Maybe it's gonna come out sooner than expected.

I'm in no rush for a new system though. But I do wanna see what Nintendo has in store for us next.

darthv722684d ago

I would think the ATI chip in the Wii is capable of at least 720p resolution. The whole specs of the wii on paper make it out to be better than even the original xbox.

Why is Nintendo holding back the Wii's potential?

Rageanitus2684d ago

Its like how the ps3 and xbox are capable of doing 1080 resolution just that if developers try and push high resolution on these system there is major slowdowns.

Just look at Dead space and golden eye on the wii... you stil notice quite a few areas chop up

slavish32684d ago

go to and look up wii and xbox comparison. xbox 1 is more powerful

gamelova2684d ago

With or without HD graphics and third parties, it is pretty amazing how Nintendo dominated this generation alone, by themselves

gypsygib2684d ago

Agreed, although I never had an interest in buying a Wii aside from the Metroid trilogy I have to give respect where respect is due.

Nintendo won the 7th generation of consoles.

Ladies and gentlemen after 2 years of Sony dominance we have a new champion.

The N-N-N-intendo Wii!

Kran2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

It better have better graphics than the Wii, im telling you. The Wii had so much potential and was thrown away by bad quality games. (as in graphics)

I know I usually say Quanitity before Quality, but thats besides the point.

I really hope the Pokemon for Wii 2 rumour is true though.


Oh look. It's the Wii fanboy who goes around 360 and PS3 articles talking s**t about them. And we should care about your views because....

Stealth20k2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

whoc ares about graphics

Id rather have the wii's first party lineup over any combination of homogenous realistic hd games

@ above there is no rumor. A wii pokemon game is in development. Satori announced it

@ above are you kidding? When its relevant I tell the truth about all systems. Because I own them all. Unlike you I am not a fanboy that has any personal stake in anything. The funny thing is I was called a ps3 fanboy in 1 article and a 360 fanboy in another. When you tell the truth people cant handle it

cozmo1952684d ago

just because you own all the major consoles doesn't make you not a fanboy >_>

BattleAxe2684d ago

@ Stealth20k

You need to getchyo head checked son...

StbI9902684d ago

Never fail to surprise me stealth...

Masterchef20072684d ago

I am pretty sure that the Wii 2 will be like the 360 in terms of power. Nintendo has a history of producing consoles at a cheap price and then making a profit off them since day one.

Raider692684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I really hope they release something more powerful than the 360 and PS3 in terms of specs!This generation is outdated by today hardware specs,if Nintendo gets a new piece of hardware out that is superior to the 360 and PS3 and easy to develop they most likely will win a share of the market that is already waiting for new graphics evolution in consoles,and will keep the Nintendo loyal gamers with them for another round up!Its a win win situation that they shoud not miss!

Chevalier2684d ago

Will the have M rated games though? Not saying that it's a must, some of my favourite games like uncharted are T rated. It'd be nice to have some games for a mature audience though, I got bored of all the Mario/Nintendo franchises pretty quickly.

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