Runic: XBLA Torchlight Achieves 'Highest Sale Day Ever' for Game

Runic Games said on Tuesday the Xbox Live Arcade version of its action RPG Torchlight recently achieved the "highest sales day ever" for the game, which was already available on Mac and PC.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2565d ago

I really like this game alot and cant wait to get the second one with co-op this july on pc.

If the sales are good they will probably release the second on on consoles as well. With co-op it could do even better than the first one.

2565d ago
Perjoss2565d ago

a great game, but also proof that Diablo 3 could work really well on consoles :)

GusBricker2565d ago

What game resembles this the most on consoles?

8thnightvolley2565d ago

that was one great sweet game.. i played sacred2 soo hardcore level 200.. this game surely gonna be playing it.. love these type of rpgs

Bigpappy2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I knew this was going to sell really well from the moment I finished my first mission. It just looks and plays great on the 360! I got like six people to try this, and they all bought it and love it.

"A rep for the studio said she couldn't comment on hard sales figures for the XBLA version of the game, but said that PC Torchlight sales have seen a boost since the release of the console iteration."

People who see the great reviews for the 360 version and don't want a Xbox, when out and bought it on PC. The thing is, it is much cheaper on PC. Wonder how much Runic makes from each version?

Redgehammer2565d ago

I bought it, and although it is very difficult to pull me away from TF2 and Fallout NV, and have to agree its a great game. It is nice when a port feels like a great game and not a port.

Solidus187-SCMilk2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

so I bought it on steam because I couldnt wait for he 360 release after hearing more about it.

I bought it on steam a week ago and it was $15, the same price. But its been on PC sonce 2009 and has had a bunch of sales where you could get it for cheaper.

radphil2565d ago


Actually the steam version is the same price as getting it on console. However I think one of the reasons why some got the PC version is because of the diablo style feel to it. Some just like playing it as Diablo vs Sacred 2 style. No problem with that to be honest though. The game still works either way. :)

It would be nice though for them to have mod support on the console version, but at the same time you kinda wonder how they'll enable it.

Bigpappy2565d ago

No, you did not understand my comment. I know why people play games like this on PC. Did you read the qoute I have above? Those are not my words but those of the rep for the game developers. She said the game started selling well on PC AGAIN since the 360 version was released. That would mean that the 360 version has generated so much hype that those who do not have a 360 have decide they want to try it now and go get it on PC.
Mod support with do little to increase sales of this game on console. Those who like this type of game would buy it as is. Mods are kool but not a deal braker. If you need mods, then the PC version is the on you should always get.

radphil2565d ago

I was adding onto your comment.

Solidus187-SCMilk2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I started reading about this game for 360 shortly before it came out and decided to get it on PC because I love diablo and I could get it sooner. I could have gotten it on 360 but I figured Id play it on PC if its like diablo.

But It was 15$ on steam too, no cheaper. That made my decision easy. I think that torchlight 2 will eventually come out on consoles as well, but I will buy it sooner when it comes out on PC.

for $15 I think this game is really great. Adding co-op to 2 will be great.

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