GamerFitNation Previews L.A Noire (Potential Game of the Year)

At PaxEast GamerFitNation was invited in for a private screening of L.A Noire and lets just say we where very impressed with what we saw. Unlike any RockStar Game you've ever seen. Filled with Screenshots, trailers, and Graphic content.

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I believe this game could be Game of the year

distorted_reality2565d ago

I really do believe that GoTY will be a multiplat this year - and LA Noire has to be one of the favourites from what we've seen so far. Is looking brilliant.

xtheownerzx2565d ago

great game i loved what i saw!

Bigpappy2565d ago

I don't know about this game yet. But, Rockstar's rep makes hard to ignore.