IGN: Battle: Los Angeles Review

There are plenty of other games on the download circuit that offer more than Battle: L.A. does for a $10 pricetag, but it's still not the worst investment you could make. The game lacks variety, but it also doesn't outstay its welcome. If you want some laughs and don't mind that the shooting experience is average at best, playing through this alien invasion is probably more entertaining than the movie and you'll get some Achievements/Trophies out of it.

Presentation - 6.0
Graphics - 5.5
Sound - 5.0
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 4.0

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Kran2656d ago

had been thinking on getting this. Looks like I wont :D Thanks for saving me from a mistake IGN. Ya did good.

pxpxp2656d ago

Just like the movie... it sucks.

The_Zeitgeist2655d ago

What are you talking about? The movie is awesome. It's Blackhawk Down meets Independence Day, what's not to like about that?

Hanuman2656d ago

I knew I was wasting my time when I saw the first bulletimpact in the demo.