RPGs: The Ever Changing Role Playing Game

Role-playing games, or RPGs, are games that have us, the players, take on a particular part of a story and it’s events. Most of the time, many of us want to become the hero that saves a world from it’s dark possible future. And yet, at the same time, there are some of us who would guise ourselves into a form who’s goal is to see a world’s destruction. No matter the type of persona we take, the RPG allows us to immerse ourselves within a fictional world that can change from the consequences of our own actions. The way RPGs are played and experienced however, is something that is constantly changing within the field of video games.

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Hitman07692408d ago

This is one of my favorite genres and I can't wait to see how it evolves moving forward.

SnakeMustDie2408d ago

It is one of the only genres that has near limitless potential because it's gameplay can vary like Persona to Valkyria Chronicles and Dragon Age to Mass Effect. Not to mention the great RPGs tends to have great stories as well.

NewMonday2408d ago

JRPGs are still coming for the PSP; I played VC2 recently, now on Tactics Ogre, next up God Eater Burst, Parasite Eve FF Agito WKC Dogma Wars and VC3.

On the PS3 it's looking like a great year for the JRPG, AR Tonleco Quga Yakuza 4, WKC2 and Tales of Graces

StbI9902408d ago

But what makes an RPg wortwhile is its history, and that noble sir, is what mostly is lacking on this gen RPG.

The genre is good, ima a sucker for it, but have found myself dropping in boredom alot of them this gen and going back to ps1, 2, NES, SNES era.

RPG are not dying by any mean but sure they ain´t the same as before, haven´t found yet a compelling history breath to fire level like on anything in this gen.

Maybe 3DS can offer that to me, hopin´so.

Redempteur2408d ago

RPG are good is easily the main type of game i play it all started this one day when i started the chrono trigger ROM ... and then i played all rpgs i could

now i've played all classics and i'm still not satisfied .. bring me more !!

TheColbertinator2408d ago

Still loving my RPGs.Playing Dragon Age 2 and Persona 3 Portable right now.Soon its time for Ar Tonelico 3 and The Witcher 2

Ludakriss2408d ago

I just wish that RPGs, especially those that call themselves Action, would implement more awareness of the current Level that the character is. I want to be able to have not just the skills and stat points to distribute but to have a seamless evolutions feel of the character.

I leveled up? Great. Show me! I want to see the evolution. Run faster, block more carelessly because I'm so experienced, being able to speedily react and perry any and all attacks...

TheGreenMan2408d ago

I might some disagrees for saying this, but I think he's wrong by saying making graphics more life-like will increase immersion. I think that one of the problems with RPGs today is that developers are making them so life-like that the player can't fill in the gaps with their imagination. There is no other genre that is more akin to "playing a book" than an RPG. With that said, developers are trying hard to turn the RPG experience into that of a movie, instead of embracing the idea of making their games into interactive books.

There was an article posted on n4g a few months back that did a study on game immersion. If I can find the link, I'll post it. Anyway, the study asked individuals which character they identified with more - Cloud Strife from a movie scene in FF7, or Cloud Strife from Advent Children. A significant number of people chose Cloud from FF7 (who obviously has less detail than Cloud from Advent Children). I think the reason is that the lack of minute detail was absent from Cloud in FF7, therefore allowing the player to use their imagination to "complete" the character. Interesting stuff, really.

laaakokaracha2407d ago

i agree with earlier generation developers created atmospheres in which the players imagination played an important role. now its all about graphics...

a good example for a good game with average graphics is xenoblade! the world of xenoblade is simply a player you imagine the world to be real something that FF13 totally failed to achieve.