Breaking Street Dates: THE COLD HARD TRUTH

All forms of media have a process or tradition for bringing a newly released product to fans and customers around the world. Movies have opening nights and midnight releases, the music industry has album drops, and the video game industry has street dates. A street date for a new video game is a predetermined time for the game to be sold to the general public. It is a date that is made for all people to have an opportunity to buy a new release at the same time, no earlier nor later. This is meant to not only get accurate sales numbers, but also to hype up the new game’s release, and get fans excited before they purchase the game. This is something that has been practiced in the gaming industry for many years, but what is it that has changed now?

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Hitman07692407d ago

Yeah this is crazy when people have the game way before you. I think part of the reason some companies allow it is to cause hype and desire for the game to become inflated.

Blaine2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Author provides absolutely ZERO evidence to support his claim that this problem is worse than it ever was. All this is speculation, followed by a pointless rant.

Hey, I can do it too: people have always been getting their hands on games before their official release dates--their "street date". But nowadays, since it's so easy for people to get on the internet and tweet about a game they're playing before its official release date, or even post videos up on youtube, stores are becoming increasingly weary of the issue and tightening their release policies. That's why it's harder to get a game before its street date than it used to be.

See? I can do it too--oh wait, I said the opposite. But it still sounded logical, no? The quality of "articles" of N4G never ceases to drop...

Cenobia2407d ago

I am more inclined to believe the author though.

You only have one word capitalized, but his article was posted on N4G with four entire words capitalized. This isn't that sissy first letter type capitalization's the real deal.

lol jk

Venomousfatman2407d ago

Yes it may be true that people are able to get games before street date, but that doesn't make it right to do so. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. There is a reason for a street date being set for a game's release. It is a set time when everyone can get their hands on it at the same time.

If people did nothing but get games WAY in advanced before street dates, there would be no point in people setting them. How is that fair to the masses of people who decide to wait for games to be OFFICIALLY released? Especially those who actually pay attention to leaderboards and are competitive in some games?

Mr_Bun2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

What's funny is that I assumed this article was going to be about the financial loss to other business who 'play by the rules'...not about some stupid leader boards...are you serious?

The only part of the article which doesn't sound like whining is where you talk about pirating....except your more concerned about piraters getting the game early instead of how they are stealing from the developers....which only turns out to be more whining.

...and how is a picture of smashed PS3 related to the article?


ReBurn2407d ago

Closer to opinion than anything else. Interesting conclusions, but definitely could use some proofreading.